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The innovative AMAZON ACADEMY for retailers, manufacturers and founders. Step by step to a profitable Amazon Business for only € 299,- per month without risk - cancelable at any time.

More than 300 partners already already rely on our Amazon expertise
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Excerpt from our customers

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Do these
problems sound familiar to you?

1. declining retail trade & new generation of buyers

Retail is changing completely. City centers are empty, everyone only buys online and shoppers are changing. An online store and an Amazon account are almost essential for survival.

2. high competition and price pressure:

There is intense competition between sellers on Amazon, which often leads to price pressure. German retailers have to set their prices competitively, which can significantly reduce profit margins.

3. dependence on the Amazon platform:

Many sellers are heavily dependent on Amazon - if selling there to sell their products. This dependence can be risky, as changes in Amazon's policies, such as fee increases or changes in the ranking algorithm, can have a significant impact on the business of retailers and manufacturers.

4. difficulties in brand differentiation:

Due to the format of the Amazon platform, it can be difficult for sellers to highlight the brand and develop a unique identity. Products can often be difficult to distinguish from those of the competition.

5. complex and constantly changing guidelines:

Amazon has a variety of policies and requirements that change frequently. It can be a challenge for sellers to stay up to date and ensure that their products and business practices are compliant.

6. customer service and logistics requirements:

Amazon has high standards when it comes to customer service and logistics. Sellers must offer fast delivery times and efficient customer service in order to receive good ratings and rank well in search results. This can be particularly challenging for smaller sellers.

What you can expect from us

Profitable sales
Use our proven methods and procedures to successfully list products on Amazon and finally grow your sales profitably.
Effective marketing
We will show you how efficient marketing on and off Amazon works and how you can position yourself correctly and distinctively - even if you are just a retailer.
Systems and processes
We work with you to develop clear systems and processes for maximum efficiency in the entire value chain - so that structures can be established and the entire company can grow.

The necessary areas to grow your business to 5- or 6-digit monthly sales on Amazon.

It is easy to continue to grow and, above all, to continue to grow profitably once the foundation has been laid and you are already earning high 5- or 6-figure monthly incomes on Amazon. However, the foundation is crucial. With over 10 years of Amazon experience and over 300 customers who have grown on Amazon through us, we know what the methodologies and strategies are and provide this ready-made system.

1. strategy

Learn what strategic options are available and what strategies can be used to be profitable and grow.

2. positioning

Find & position suitable products and reach and win the ideal customer. We'll show you exactly how!

3. systems & infrastructure

Learn how every order is completed smoothly and fully automatically. Accounting, fulfillment, customer service, marketing, all completely automated. Better results for customers and more time than before.

4. content

Content is what you see. We show you how to create a constant and above-average conversion rate and dominate the rankings.

5. marketing

Get step-by-step instructions on how to get top organic rankings and how marketing on Amazon really works.

6. logistics

We teach you how logistics will be a value driver in your company and how to structure everything so that you can scale.

What selected customers say about our Amazon expertise:


Frank Kottwitz - Entrepreneur


Sietse DeWit - Entrepreneur

Jochen Schweizer

Jochen Schweizer - Entrepreneur

You don't need an expensive Amazon agency to be successful!

You need experience, templates and tried-and-tested methods. This is exactly what you get from us!

Everything you need to finally scale successfully!

Amazon Account Management
Amazon Advertising & Marketing
Content creation & optimization
Business Development & Strategy Development

What results do
our customers achieve?

Uwe W. - a local retailer with 2 local stores has so far set up an online store to sell his merchandise there in addition to his bricks-and-mortar stores. However, retail sales continue to decline and acquiring new customers in the online store is very expensive.

Objective: to establish
Amazon as a new sales channel and give the company a future again. Profitable growth is the target due to the strained economy.

Already in the 2nd month, Uwe achieved an almost 6-digit monthly turnover with his retail products and was now able to create structures, develop a sustainable strategy and completely restructure the company through ICONIC.

Bernhard, second-generation CEO, was already active on Amazon, but was never able to expand the Amazon business beyond €30,000 per month. There was a lack of know-how, structures and marketing to successfully develop the own brand.

To significantly grow the Amazon business and turn it into a profit driver for the company. At the same time, distribute the tasks to employees so that Bernhard is no longer needed in day-to-day business and can work on the company.

After an analysis of the current situation, we uncovered the weak points and created a clear positioning for the own brand, completely adapted the infrastructure, implemented our marketing methodology and quickly achieved new sales and profit records.

Markus did not manage to build up a real business on Amazon with his own brand. The products were good, the prices were fair, but it just wasn't possible to generate a constant monthly turnover of >€10,000. The downturn in the wholesale and retail business could not be offset.

Create a new perspective with Amazon and compensate for the decline in local retail and make online retail profitable and expand.

Thanks to our marketing methodology, we were able to completely realign the Amazon business and, using a tried-and-tested approach, finally achieve an incredible leap in sales and lay the foundations for EU expansion.

Martin was already making 6 figures a month, but was stuck and didn't know how to scale the business from there. He was also caught up in the day-to-day business and was a one-man show

Significantly increase sales, expand throughout the EU and hire employees.

Lorem Our structural approach was introduced, marketing was rebuilt from scratch and employees were automatically trained, while expansion began at the same time. Oct 22 vs. Oct 23 we were already able to generate +€100,000 without Martin having to do any work.

Become independent. Become free.

Together we analyze the current state of your online / Amazon business and plan the important steps with you to achieve your goals. With our methods, which have been tried and tested for more than 10 years, you will:

Understanding Amazon completely

Generating steady growth

Generate more profit

Create recognition

Who is this offer suitable for?

Manufacturers & producers

Sales channels are changing for manufacturers & producers over time. We show you the ways of digitalization and digital distribution via marketplaces & Amazon and teach you everything you need to know to survive in the future sales market.


Thanks to our history as a retailer, we know better than anyone what major challenges retailers face and what needs to be done to have a raison d'être. We will show you the way to profitable success on Amazon.

The mastermind behind ICONIC

Stefan Gutheil

Founder & Managing Director of ICONIC

Founded in the living room - online store for underwear

1,000m² warehouse & office space - development of the holding structure for the now 4 companies. Increase to 15 employees

Online store also grows massively by selling as a retailer on Amazon. Manufacturers are taking notice and want direct support

ICONIC SALES is created. The transformation from retailer to service provider is completed

The group of companies now consists of 60 employees at 3 locations. ICONIC SALES is already one of the leading full-service agencies with 23 employees alone

165 employees spread over 5 companies - with ICONIC BUSINESS, a new business unit is being launched that brings together all the knowledge and experience gained since 2013 and passes it on to small and medium-sized companies in order to achieve sustainable online growth!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

There is no minimum term for our membership. You can cancel your membership at any time on a monthly basis, giving you maximum flexibility and control over your learning journey.
No, previous experience is not required. Our academy is designed so that both beginners and experienced salespeople can gain valuable insights and knowledge. We guide you step by step through all processes.
Our academy is suitable for a wide range of business models, including manufacturers, producers and retailers. We offer specific content and strategies tailored to different needs and objectives.
Personal support is very important to us. We offer regular video call exchange sessions in which you can speak directly to our experts to clarify questions, receive feedback and discuss individual challenges.
Our content is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure it reflects the latest developments and trends on the Amazon platform. Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant and effective strategies for your success.
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Ready for
your success
on Amazon

Ready for
your success
on Amazon

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