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ICONIC SALES team celebrates becoming a Verified Amazon Advertising Partner.

NEW: ICONIC SALES is Verified Amazon DSP Partner

It gives us great pleasure to announce that ICONIC SALES has achieved the coveted status of an official Verified Amazon DSP Partner. This prestigious distinction is a testament to our expertise, professionalism and commitment to providing world-class services in the Amazon DSP space. With this milestone achieved, we continue to build on our position as a leading DSP provider of advertising services and are now training other Amazon agencies on DSP.

The path to verified Amazon DSP Partner status

Since 2019 we are managing Amazon DSP campaigns and since 2020 we have the real self-service access to Amazon DSP. With our five-person DSP team, we not only develop DSP campaigns for clients (endemic & non-endemic), but also train other (Amazon) agencies in the area of Amazon DSP. With the now official DSP verified partner badge we have now reached the highest level.
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Training and special resources

An important aspect of Verified Partner status is access to extensive training and specialized resources from Amazon. These allow us to stay up to date and continuously educate ourselves on the latest Amazon advertising strategies and techniques.

At ICONIC, we place a high value on our employees having a deep technical understanding, which is validated at least several times a year by proving Amazon certifications. Our certified services and filed certificates are listed in the directory listing publicly available.

Agency Training Amazon DSP

Since 2022, we also train other Amazon agencies in the area of DSP. As a long-standing Amazon partner, we convince through know-how and expertise and get assigned via this way by Amazon agencies who want to build knowledge & expertise in the Amazon DSP area. By means of a multi-level training program, our DSP experts train other Amazon agencies and enable self-service access through our entity.

If you are interested in your own DSP entity, please contact us here.

Earlier access to new advertising tools and features

As a verified partner, Amazon also gives us early access to new advertising tools and features. This gives us the opportunity to test new strategies and approaches and gain an edge over other advertisers.

How to become a Verified Amazon DSP Partner?

The path to earning Verified Amazon DSP Partner status is not an easy one. Amazon sets high standards for applicants to ensure that only the best and most qualified companies carry this prestigious badge.

Qualified and certified employees

An outstanding milestone: ICONIC SALES becomes a Verified Amazon Advertising Partner.
One of Amazon's key requirements is that the applicant company must have a total of at least two employees who are certified through various certificates for Amazon. Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) is again considered separately - here, too, at least two people must be certified and demonstrate regular DSP activity in self-service. In addition, these certificates must be renewed at least once a year, covering both the Basic and Advanced certificates for DSP.

In addition, all of our employees are verified with the Amazon Retail certificate, which provides advertising knowledge as well as general retail knowledge about Amazon Sellers and Vendors. Our account managers are also Retail Advanced certified - further proof of the high quality at ICONIC SALES.

We are proud to be part of the Amazon Certification Pilot Program and have prioritized access to new and revised learning courses and certificates and contribute with our feedback and expertise to the optimization and expansion of the Amazon e-Learning platform.

ICONIC SALES: We meet and exceed requirements

At ICONIC SALES, we can proudly say that we not only meet, but exceed the requirements for the verified Partner Badge, and therefore DSP verified status. Our DSP team includes three employees who hold the Advanced certificate for DSP and another eight who hold the DSP Basic certificate. These numbers underscore our commitment to ongoing training and professionalism.

Evidence of regular DSP activities

In order to achieve the DSP Verified Amazon Advertising Partner status, Amazon requires various requirements. Among other things, this also means that the company continuously places DSP campaigns via its own DSP instance.

ICONIC SALES shows constant DSP activities

At ICONIC SALES, we are proud to be able to demonstrate constant and sustainable DSP activities. By regularly running DSP campaigns through our own DSP instance, we have shown that we not only master DSP basics, but are also able to design and execute innovative and effective campaigns.

ICONIC SALES: The pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement

Our recognition as a Verified Amazon Advertising Partner is a clear testament to our dedication and commitment to excellence in everything we do. It is another step in our continuous journey of improvement and our commitment to provide outstanding services to our customers.

Look into the future

With this important milestone, we look forward to the future. With the highest level of Amazon ads Advanced Partner in various Advertising Services, we are ready to better guide and support our customers in the ever-evolving world of digital advertising on Amazon. It is our mission to help our clients realize their full digital advertising potential and we are proud to be at their side. Becoming a Verified Amazon Advertising Partner is a testament to our team's passion, dedication and professionalism. At ICONIC SALES, we are committed to going above and beyond expectations to provide the best possible service to our clients. We look forward to the many successes we will achieve together with our clients in the future.
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