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We at ICONIC Sales position,
manage and develop your brand on Amazon. Our holistic range of services is unique on the market.

We at ICONIC Sales position, manage and develop your brand on Amazon. Our holistic range of services is unique on the market.

Success on Amazon depends on many different factors and everyone contributes their part to success. As a full-service agency for Amazon, we manage each element as a team to ensure maximum success




PPC stands for Pay per Click and is an indispensable marketing measure on Amazon. Almost every seller on Amazon uses this type of advertising. But what makes ICONIC better than all other service providers and suppliers? We combine smart technology with an experienced and competent team, which is unique in Germany. Our performance is always convincing at the end of the day.

Our technology is far superior - in combination with the people and our experience behind it unbeatable.

DSP Advantages:

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DSP - Amazon Display Advertising

Compared to PPC, display advertising is a form of advertising that enables an even larger and broader address of potential customers. In this case, even outside of Amazon! It starts at a different level of the sales funnel and enables unique revenue growth.

Display advertising is not readily accessible - either via Amazon directly in the so-called Managed Service (expensive & inefficient) or via ICONIC. Talk to us!

DSP Advantages:

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Product images
Product videos
A+ Content
Brand Store


On Amazon, customers do not have the opportunity to experience a product live or to touch or test anything. A product is only bought purely through the information presented. In this context, visual content is extremely important! A customer makes a purchase decision on the basis of images and texts! If these are not convincing, the customer will not buy.
Conversely, this means: The better your product images, A+ content and brand store, the more you sell!

With more than 12 experienced copywriters, screen designers, art directors and video experts,ICONIC is geared towards perfectly staging products on Amazon.

We introduce you to the content areas in the following videos:



Product images

Product videos

A+ Content

Brand STore



What if you as a medium-sized company have more than 100 products or even over 1,000 products? How quickly can Amazon agencies create perfectly optimised Amazon content? Normally, graphic designers and copywriters spend months on this!

Time is money and therefore we have a solution for exactly this challenge!

ICONIC automates content creation on Amazon

Using our sophisticated technology, we automate the text, product image and product video creation on Amazon and other platforms! At the push of a button we generate thousands of perfectly optimised products in all languages - Amazon product images, product videos & A+ content.

ICONIC has a brutally innovative solution. We can create 40,000 videos in
2 weeks with ICONIC.

Harry Olfert
SSI Schäfer Shop GmbH
about the technology of ICONIC SALES

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ICONIC automates amazon!

ICONIC automates

Creating product images, product videos and A+ content is no longer a problem for us. But how? In the first step, we create a graphic concept as a starting point for your products.

In the next step, we apply this concept to all your products and create perfectly sales-optimised Amazon product images, product videos and A+ content. All together not in a few months but
in a few hours!

Our technology explained simply:



At ICONIC, we position, manage and develop your brand on Amazon. But what makes us unique and what is our USP besides technology? Our holistic range of services is unique on the market. Every customer has a team of 5-7 absolute & experienced experts who work on their brand or products every day - technology and data-based action paired with award-winning marketing expertise in connection with other services and various fulfilment options result in a unique service portfolio that brings you as a company to the forefront. We work exclusively with permanent employees!

Holistic Amazon control & development completely from one source!

Holistic Amazon control & development completely from one source!

I am very satisfied with the cooperation with ICONIC SALES. We are supported by a whole team that takes care of all our needs. Thanks to the close and transparent cooperation, both our sales and our brand presence on Amazon have been brought forward significantly. This holistic support has convinced me very much!

Mathias Mieg, GF Tipp-Kick GmbH

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