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ICONIC SALES is a leading full-service Amazon agency for medium-sized businesses.

  • Seller, Vendor & Hybrid

  • Locations in Stuttgart & London

  • Amazon ads Advanced partner
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  • Verified Amazon DSP Partner

  • German Brand Award Winner 2023
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We combine the best technology with the best team to drive it.
Amazon PPC & DSP (with a completely dedicated entity)

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Text, product images, and videos, A+, Brand Store – we stage your Amazon product perfectly on Amazon!
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Amazon Account Management

Operational and strategic management & development of vendor and seller accounts, including business development.

Operational and strategic management & development of vendor and seller accounts, including business development.

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We are your external Amazon team – guaranteed success, all in one place!

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With over 50 Amazon experts, we are arguably the largest and leading pure Amazon agency in the DACH region with a full-service approach. Over 200 SMEs (vendors & sellers) trust us. We are present in over 10 markets worldwide.

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We are your external Amazon team. With our hybrid commission approach, we cover all Amazon areas 100% internally for you as an Amazon agency – for vendors and sellers.

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Through the close and transparent collaboration with ICONIC, both our revenue and brand presence on Amazon have significantly improved. This comprehensive support has truly convinced me!

Mathias Mieg, Managing Director of Tipp-Kick GmbH


We offer non-binding consultation, get to know us!

We Are Your Professional Amazon Agency – Full Service, Full Success

The logo says it all: Amazon aims to deliver a smile to every customer's doorstep. And that's exactly what you can do with your products sold on the vast online marketplace. Our goal, however, is to bring a smile to your face – because as an Amazon agency, we make your brand visible and ensure that you can grow online as an Amazon seller

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer, offering you the platform to list your products and benefit from its vast reach. But how do you make yourself noticed online? How can you position your products to reach as many users as possible? How do you secure a spot in the Buy Box? Our team of over 45 professionals at our Amazon agency has the answers to these questions. And we don't just stop at answers; we implement them for you. Our results speak for themselves: a 60–80% increase in sales within approximately 3 months – Full Service for your success!

The Online Retailer Amazon

Amazon boasts a formidable reach, with many users viewing the online retailer as their go-to destination for all their shopping needs. The appeal is clear: a single retailer offering a multitude of products, straightforward payment processing, and fast delivery – what more could a customer want? For you as a seller, the challenge lies in standing out from the crowd – amidst the stiff competition on Amazon. To help you outpace your competitors, our Amazon agency offers comprehensive Amazon marketing services:

  • Amazon Ads (PPC & DSP)

  • Optimized content & A+ content

  • Automated image and video creation

  • Full service without compromise

We provide full-service support for your project, guiding you from the creation of product images, through the design of professional brand or product pages, to the execution of effective PPC campaigns. This allows you to focus entirely on your business, without the need to delve into the complexities of Amazon SEO and related strategies.

Amazon Consulting: At our agency, you will be advised exclusively by experts.

Agencies are as common as sand on the beach these days. However, the economic success of your business should not be entrusted to just anyone. With ICONIC SALES, you gain a professional team by your side, always up-to-date in all areas. We work day in and day out with and on Amazon – your success on the marketplace is our goal. In every project, we pool our expertise to develop strategies and campaigns tailored to your brand and business objectives, enhancing visibility. Thanks to our extensive experience, we know which methods have a lasting impact – and which are merely fleeting trends. Thus, we secure your long-term success on Amazon as a seller or vendor and optimize your brand awareness.

ICONIC SALES is a certified and multi-award-winning Amazon agency – and we're ready to optimize your business on Amazon.

Whether you're a vendor or seller, a big player or an SME – as a full-service Amazon agency, we are by your side.

Admittedly, keeping track of style guides, PPC campaigns, targeting, policies, and the like on Amazon is not so straightforward for manufacturers or retailers. At ICONIC, we are your external Amazon marketing team, taking the workload off your shoulders regarding product listings and ads – all tailored to your preferences.

  • Do you already have high brand recognition but now wish to successfully list your products on Amazon? We ensure that Amazon becomes another effective sales channel for you.

  • Are your products already listed on Amazon but sales are lacking? The ICONIC SALES Amazon agency team will analyze the current state of your campaigns and listings, then devise a plan for your long-term success on Amazon. We optimize your product page and increase visibility.

  • Looking to leverage Amazon as the dominant sales platform for your products in the future? Then we are your go-to Amazon agency. We craft everything around the perfect brand presence and optimal product presentation, enabling your brand to grow online. Bring us on board from the start, and we'll put your brand in the spotlight.

For us as an Amazon agency, it doesn't matter whether you're already a big player or just starting small. We make your brand stand out on Amazon, both in rankings and in ads.

Amazon SEO Optimization: Our agency understands the A9 algorithm.

If you distribute products online, SEO is likely not a foreign concept to you but a crucial aspect of online marketing. The same importance applies to Amazon, where search engine optimization should not be overlooked. The platform uses its own algorithm for search queries, distinct from Google's. This algorithm is determined by various factors, particularly performance and relevance factors, which directly or indirectly affect the order of search results. If you want your products to appear at the top of the listings, your product detail pages must align precisely with the algorithm's criteria. And this is where you hand over to ICONIC.

Our Amazon agency team takes charge of your Amazon SEO, crafting optimized content from the product title to detailed descriptions and outstanding images.

We transform virtual shopping into an experience – with exceptional, tangible content.

With us as your agency, your product pages will exceed conventional standards. We create detail pages that not only comply with style guides and engage the algorithm but also captivate potential customers. Instead of simple images, we produce high-quality and exceptional A+ content for you, offering online shoppers a unique, virtual shopping experience. Viewing a product as if holding it in your hands? That's achievable – with our expertise and technology. Our Amazon team designs product images and videos that persuade and increase the likelihood of purchase, turning simple clicks into real conversions.

Thanks to our automated content creation process, we can quickly develop rich, high-quality content for your company. This enables us to provide optimal support even for a wide range of products within a tight timeframe.

Campaigns that truly deliver results – Amazon Advertising Agency

When users search for a product on Amazon, they often see not only organic search results but also sponsored products and ads. These have the advantage of usually being displayed at the top, directly in the user's field of view. This makes ads a powerful customer magnet because: Why continue searching when you're presented with an optimal result?

To intercept potential customers on their buyer journey from the very beginning, Amazon Ads are a genuine opportunity – provided they are professionally crafted instead of relying on auto-targeting. Perhaps you've already created some ad campaigns yourself, but the expected success hasn't materialized. As an Amazon agency, we can identify and eliminate sources of errors and design campaigns for your brand that truly work. We develop audience-targeted ads, particularly targeting users with a high likelihood of making a purchase, achieving high impressions, allowing you to utilize ads as an additional revenue channel.

ICONIC SALES Amazon Agency – Benefits for You and Your Business

How are your products performing on Amazon? Whether you are satisfied with the current performance or desire more, we are your go-to partner for Amazon marketing. Why? There are many reasons for that:

  • ICONIC isn't just another Amazon agency – we are a certified and verified Amazon Ads partner.

  • Our team comprises seasoned Amazon experts who invest their expertise and passion into each and every project, including yours, for your success.

  • With us as an Amazon agency, you gain an external team composed of various specialists in content and ads. We don't just see ourselves as service providers but as an additional department of your company – your success is our focus. You don't need to assemble a separate marketing team within your company.

  • Whether you're in Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich: Our agency can work 100% digitally – so it doesn't matter where your company is located.

  • Through our collaboration, you can achieve an average revenue increase of 60–80% within a 90-day period.

As a full-service agency, we truly mean full service. We provide you with value-added solutions that contribute to the sustainable growth of your business. Our Amazon agency combines expertise, efficiency, innovative technology, and a commitment to delivering the highest quality.

More about ICONIC?

We offer non-binding consultation, get to know us!


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