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What in the past was only reserved for vendors in the form of A+ content has for some time now also been available (slightly restricted) for retailers with their own brand on Amazon. Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) replaces the former product description. Various interesting text and image modules can be used here to significantly increase the conversion of the products offered and thereby sustainably build a brand on Amazon.

Today we want to give you an overview of all relevant key points of the conversion-strong part on your product detail page.

What exactly is enhanced brand content?

You are a brand owner and want to make your listing on Amazon more appealing and buyer-oriented? You want to integrate more product images and add comparison tables, for example? All this is possible in Enhanced Brand Content. Brand owners have a wide variety of text and image modules at their disposal to present the product itself, the complete product range and the brand in the most appealing way possible to potential customers.

Who can use this EBC?

To use the enhanced brand content, the Amazon Brand Registry requirement applies. Amazon merchants with a registered brand can register their brand through the Amazon Brand Registry and then start designing the EBC. It must be noted that only ASINs that are assigned to the brand can also be assigned EBC.

How can the Enhanced Brand Content be created?

The extended brand content can be created via the "Advertising" -> "Extended content for brands" tab. Here, the SKU of the respective product can be specified and the creation of the template can be started. Here, too, Amazon provides several different options.

Which modules are possible?

Amazon now offers a whole range of different modules here. These include, for example, classic image/text modules, detail modules, comparison tables, etc. Here are some examples:

Product description vs. EBC

As you surely know, the classic product description plays only a very minor role in Amazon indexing. Because: Keywords are only indexed sporadically and in certain combinations. This means that your product will only be spit out by the Amazon search algorithm if a user enters at least two keywords from your description that are as close to each other as possible. In terms of Amazon SEO, the description is therefore only suitable for the placement of long-tail keywords.

Although neither A+ nor EBC content is indexed by the Amazon algorithm, we can only recommend the implementation of the extended brand content. The main reason for this is the very good possibility to improve the conversion rate through EBC. It has been proven that the conversion rate and thus indirectly the number of sales can be increased. By presenting product and brand information in an appealing, clear and structured way, you can significantly improve the shopping experience of your potential customers. The EBC can be a great help especially if you sell products that require explanation. Here you have the possibility to include many more details and to underpin them with respective explanatory images. In addition to information about the respective product, you can also use the EBC to present your entire product range and cross-sell. In addition, the EBC offers you the opportunity to place your brand popular and present on Amazon and to further expand your brand image.

What does the EBC look like in terms of implementation?

What should you pay attention to?

- Elaborate USPs and present them in an easily understandable way

- little but relevant text

- Present products that require explanation in a detailed and easy-to-understand manner

- Additional PPC on EBC ASINs to further increase conversion rate

- Avoid trademarks or copyrights

- Do not post images in too low resolution

Do you have any further questions or would you like to create the EBC for your products as well? Do not hesitate and feel free to contact us at any time at info@iconic-sales.com. We will be happy to help you.


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