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Amazon goes Sweden! 

Amazon goes


New marketplace opens doors to Nordic countries & enables sales partners to further expand Amazon business

New marketplace opens doors to Nordic countries & enables further expansion of Amazon business

A few days ago came the official announcement from Amazon that Sweden will soon be available as an additional seventh option in the EU seller account. Customers are to be inspired thereby locally for Amazon and the sales partners are to be given the chance to be able to develop their trade in Europe further. The percentage sales fees in the Professional tariff will remain the same. Amazon supports sellers by synchronizing the products with the Seller Central account for Amazon.se.


How does the synchronization of products work?

Amazon activates "International Listing" (BIL) for you in Seller Central. This allows the qualified product inventory to be listed on your behalf. Subsequently, your product descriptions will be translated into Swedish using the machine translation function integrated in BIL.

Which products are synchronized?

Amazon only synchronizes the products that can actually be exported to Sweden. The corresponding prices are synchronized in the following step via your source marketplace and converted to Swedish Krona at the real exchange rate. For listings with shipping through Amazon (FBA) and pan-European shipping through Amazon (PAN-EU), the differences in sales tax between the source Marketplace site and the Marketplace in Sweden, as well as differences in shipping fees are taken into account.

You must note that consumer electronics that are subject to the chemical tax that will apply in Sweden from October 1, 2020 cannot be synchronized. More information on this is to follow in the coming weeks.

What are the next steps for you as a seller?

In the next few weeks, you will be notified by email when Seller Central Sweden is available for you. After that, check the synchronized offers and prices in Seller Central. If you are already using BIL, you can always edit the link between the Amazon stores of your choice as well as select which product listings you want to be synced. You can also easily remove the link if you do not want to sell your products on Amazon.se.

If you do not use BIL yet, Amazon will activate the feature on your behalf to be able to synchronize the product selection with the Swedish Marketplace. The BIL function can be edited and also removed at any time. Once the Swedish Marketplace is open, customers can then immediately purchase their products.

Are you interested and want to get started with a listing in Sweden? Then get in touch with us and contact us at info@iconic-sales.com.


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