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Amazon Country Comparison:
Sales potential and price index

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Great country comparison on Amazon

Amazon Country Comparison: Sales Potential & Price Index

  • ICONIC SALES examines prices on Amazon in the ten top-selling countries

  • Outside the EU, India and UK have the highest prices for the compared Amazon products

  • Germany offers the products at the lowest price in the EU

Amazon is the absolute market leader in e-commerce, and not just in Germany. The online marketplace is used by millions of visitors every day, making it one of the most visited platforms in the world. The Indian market in particular is attractive for sellers and vendors in view of the potential in pricing. This is what the online marketing company ICONIC SALES, which specializes in Amazon, found out in a recent analysis. The Amazon prices of the ten countries with the highest turnover were compared with each other. The analysis refers to the ten most searched products in Germany on March 28, 2023. The shopping cart in the study is largely made up of electronic products such as powerbanks, headphones, laptops and tablets.

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Outside the EU, the UK and India are ahead in the country comparison

The price differences are enormous when comparing the products of the top-selling countries. A proud 3,347 euros - that's the total price of the products surveyed in India. This puts the country in first place in the comparison and makes it the most expensive. Spain follows with a difference of 200 euros; here, consumers pay a total of around 3,149 euros for the same products. Third place goes to the United Kingdom - the total price there is 3,127 euros.

In India, five of the ten products examined are the most expensive, including the Game of Thrones season eight (45 euros), the Apple AirPods (302 euros) and the Nintendo Switch (353 euros). However, retailers offering products in India can also make additional profits on the Apple Smartwatch (330 euros) and the Anker Powerbank (168 euros).

Prices on European markets are above average

The prices of some of the products compared differ considerably. Spain tops the list of European countries, but the products compared are cheapest in Germany, where they cost 3,004 euros. Accordingly, there is a price difference of 150 euros between Spain and Germany. Overall, the European countries are in the midfield - the retail prices on Amazon are slightly above the global average at 3,083 euros.

World map with the most attractive Amazon marketplaces
10 top-selling Amazon stores
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Canada offers the cheapest prices in a worldwide comparison on Amazon

The price range between the top-selling Amazon markets is enormous: Compared to India, consumers pay almost 753 euros less for the same products in Canada. This puts the North American country in tenth place in the comparison (EUR 2,595), with four products being the cheapest available there. Other countries bringing up the rear are the USA with a total product price of around 2,648 euros, followed by Japan at 2,815 euros.

In terms of products, the price range is widest for the laptop under review. While consumers in Canada pay 948 euros, a whopping 1,349 euros is due in France. That corresponds to a price difference of more than 400 euros.

Comparison reveals clear trends - UK offers great potential

worldwide price comparison from Amazon

Among the European countries, the UK market in particular offers great potential for sellers and vendors. Prices are well above average for nine of the ten products examined. Whether it is really worth expanding into a foreign market depends on other factors such as the tax regulations in the respective countries and the accommodation costs for the goods.

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Stefan Gutheil, CEO & Founder of ICONIC SALES, comments:

"The Amazon country comparison reveals important insights for sellers and vendors. In addition to the insight that the UK is a market with particularly high potential, we do not want to ignore two countries that are particularly up-and-coming. In the European market, Belgium and the Netherlands are currently developing at a disproportionately fast rate and can be of great importance, especially for Amazon merchants in the EU. The prices offered for products in the two countries are above average in the comparison."

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The analysis by ICONIC SALES shows significant differences in the prices of the ten top-selling countries on Amazon. India, the UK and Spain offer particularly attractive markets for sellers and vendors, as prices there are above average. In Europe, the UK market is particularly promising, while Belgium and the Netherlands are considered emerging markets.

The research highlights that it is important for retailers to take into account the different price levels in different countries in order to realize the full potential of their businesses. Tax requirements and accommodation costs in the respective countries should also be factored into the decision-making process. Overall, the study shows that it can be worthwhile for Amazon merchants to expand their activities to international markets in order to generate additional profits and increase their reach.

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