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In the past we have already pointed out the relevance of optimized of optimized listings, product images, EBC / A+ and Brand Stores and and provided you with helpful tips on how to create them. In a series of articles that will now follow, we want to go one step further and the topic of Amazon PPC in detail in the form of detailed tutorials. present.

The following blog post will give you a first, general insight into the Amazon PPC world and a basic understanding of its usefulness.

What is Amazon PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click and includes Amazon's internal advertising formats, which are billed per click and can theoretically be played out by the sellers themselves, depending on the advertising medium and general conditions.

The costs per click are capped at the maximum amount one is willing to pay per click on a keyword or ad. Unlike some other advertising platforms, the algorithm here does not try to completely exhaust the deposited (daily) budget. Ultimately, this only caps the maximum costs per advertising campaign. The actual costs depend purely on the maximum bids stored and the frequency of playout or the actual number of clicks. Ad space is allocated via an auction system based on keywords, placements and various relevance factors. As a result, it can quickly happen that the campaigns hardly receive any playouts or that the daily budget is used up early before the evening, which usually has the highest sales.

What is the point of Amazon PPC?

Basically, the advertising formats provide for a significant increase in multiple product visibility within Amazon and thus for an increase in various metrics. Amazon discloses a variety of metrics here for evaluation and optimization purposes.

The relevance of the ads is generally higher than with display advertising due to the fact that they are played out in response to direct demand for corresponding products. As a result, Amazon PPC is already somewhat deeper in the sales funnel:

Through effective PPC control, both the sales and the sales as well as the positioning of the products in the organic ranking. increase. The company's own brand can also be protected against competitors and, conversely and, conversely, targeted sales from competitors can be tapped. Further segments are cross-selling, brand building and efficient product launches.

What advertising media are available?

Basically, PPC is currently subdivided into 3 Advertising formats:

- Sponsored Product Ads: Premium product placements in the search results page & in the product detail pages. The only requirement is the possession of the Shopping cart field with positive inventory. The ads are based on predefined keywords, automatic playout based on listing and category data or targeted ASIN or category targeting.

- Sponsored Brand Ads: Banner placements around the search results page with a depending on the placement, promotes several products in the preview and links to a landing page or links to a landing page or preferably the brand store. Prerequisite is a brand registration on Amazon.

- Product Display Ads: Banner placements on the product detail page with a slogan, promotes a product and can be displayed in any ASINs or the category and, if applicable, interest-oriented. Prerequisite is a playout via the Advertising Console (advertising platform for vendors).

For maximum success, all 3 advertising formats should be used as part of an advertising strategy, continuously optimized and adapted to external conditions and adapted to external conditions such as seasonality. It should be noted that structures can quickly take on unimagined dimensions with many interrelationships. interrelationships. Accordingly, the quality of the campaigns is strongly linked to a clean clean preparatory work & structure. Most Amazon sellers therefore only use so-called auto-campaigns for sponsored product ads. However, the potential is hardly exploited in this way.

In the next article you will learn how to set up Sponsored Product Ads successfully, what strategies are possible which strategies are possible & sensible and which special features the currently special features of the currently largest advertising format on Amazon. If questions about individual points, please feel free to contact us as always. contact us. Write us gladly a mail to the kontakt@iconic-sales.com.


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