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The big Amazon price check: When are Christmas gifts and decorations the cheapest?

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Amazon Christmas offers: Price check shows when gifts and decorations are cheapest - slight fluctuations out of season, peak prices for Advent calendars in October.

The big Amazon price check: When are Christmas gifts and decorations the cheapest?

Do retailers raise prices at Christmas time? So is it worth buying Christmas presents as early as possible? We got to the bottom of this question. To do so, we analyzed the price trends of the five best-selling products from 2019 to today for the most important Christmas search terms.

It almost doesn't matter when you fill the gift basket

The five top sellers for the search term "Christmas gift" fluctuate only slightly on average. The price peak is in May with an average of 16.19 euros. Compared to this, the articles are 13.67 percent more expensive in January, which ultimately means an average price of 18.75 euros or a price increase of 2.56 euros.

At around eight percent each, the price changes for tinsel and Christmas stockings are similarly small. However, there is indeed a seasonal price increase for tinsel: in December, decorations for the Christmas tree are the most expensive at an average of 9.58 euros. If you wait until the cheapest period in February, you can still save a few cents with an average price of 8.82 euros.

In contrast, suppliers of Christmas stockings lure their Amazon customers with discounts at the peak of the season. December is the cheapest month at 16.76 euros. By comparison, the socks are most expensive in July at 18.28 euros.

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Seasonal effects for Advent calendars and decorations

In addition to tinsel, the search terms "advent calendar" and "Christmas tree decorations" also show price increases at the end of the year. The top sellers among the Advent calendars even show the biggest difference in percentage terms. Those who buy in August pay the least at an average of 23.30 euros. Just two months later, prices are more than twice as high at 47.31 euros. In December, the average falls again to 28.34 euros. Many calendars are sold at huge discounts from December 2, not least in traditional bricks-and-mortar retailers.

Like tinsel, the top offers for "Christmas tree decorations" are particularly expensive on average at 27.15 euros in December. The best time to buy is in June at 16.28 euros. Savings potential: around 40 percent.
The following chart shows the average prices for the individual search terms over the months:

The Germans' top Christmas gifts are...

Once again this year, many gifts for Christmas will be ordered on Amazon. We therefore asked ourselves: What are the most popular Christmas gifts on Amazon and how has their price developed on the platform over the years? In the following table, we have created a top five of the products under the search category "Christmas gift" that have the most search queries and are also purchased the most in relation to this. The top Christmas gift according to our results is unlikely to have been predicted by anyone.
Stefan Gutheil, Managing Director of ICONIC SALES, comments on the results: "Our results show that panic at Christmas is largely unfounded. Most products reach their price peak outside of the season and sometimes there are even bargains to be had during the cold season. Overall, prices are largely constant and only fluctuate slightly by a few euros. So there's no need to feel guilty or angry about starting shopping so late again this year. You can also save yourself the trouble of comparing prices every day and looking out for special discounts. Instead, relax and enjoy a peaceful Christmas!"

About the investigation

The search volumes for the following terms were analyzed: Advent calendar, Christmas tree decorations, candles, tinsel, fairy lights, Christmas tree decorations, Christmas cookies, Christmas gifts, Christmas sweaters and Christmas stockings. The five best-selling products (top sellers) from each of these categories were also analyzed in terms of price and sales. The analysis period is from January 1, 2019 to November 29, 2023.
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