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Amazon Transparancy - A sharp program against counterfeit products

Amazon initiates new measures to tighten the fight against product piracy and introduces Amazon Transparency. Large brands that often have to deal with counterfeit products, as well as product consumers, can breathe a sigh of relief. This is because the program is intended to make it easier for both Amazon and the end customer to identify counterfeit products and remove them from circulation. Other players involved in the supply chain should also be able to detect plagiarism in no time at all. Amazon has a clear vision: to detect counterfeits as quickly as possible and remove them from circulation before they reach the customer.
We will now explain in detail how Amazon Transparancy works.

As part of the authentication service, branded products are registered with Transparancy in a first step. Either individual products or the entire product range can be registered. For successful registration, brand owners must generate so-called Transparancy codes. These are alphanumeric, non-consecutive codes. Each product unit of the brand manufacturer is assigned its own individual code, which is attached to the product itself. Once the code has been applied and registered with Transparancy, authentication is complete.

The attached Transparancy codes are scanned on FBA items to verify the authenticity of the product. If there is any suspicion that it is a plagiarism instead of an original product, Amazon will take legal action against product piracy.
End customers also have the option of checking the authenticity of products via scan in an app. And this is independent of whether the item was purchased on Amazon or in a brick-and-mortar store. The prerequisite for such authenticity verification is, of course, the attached code, which must be applied by the brand manufacturer.

 In the event of a potential product counterfeit, the buyer is immediately offered the option of contacting the app to coordinate the next steps. So far, the app has only been available in the USA, but it will soon be available in Germany as well.

The prices
In principle, it is possible to register as many (or as few) ASINS for the Transparancy program as desired. The cost of joining is as follows:
Level 1: up to 1 million units - €0.045 (per code)
Level 2: 1 to 10 million units - €0.03 (per code)
Level 3: 10 million units and above - €0.01 (per code)

Further information:
The particular advantage of the "authenticity code" is that more in-depth product information can also be stored. The manufacturer can store supplementary details, such as the production date, the production location, ingredients, or other product information that appears when the code is scanned.

The balance so far
So far, the blow against product pirates is having an impact, especially in the USA. According to Amazon, more than 4,000 brand manufacturers have already entered the Transparancy program. More than 300 million individual codes have been created for these brands. The result: 250,000 counterfeits taken out of circulation. A telling balance of the anti-plagiarism program. The development of Amazon Transparancy also throws up impressive trends: According to Amazon, there has not been a single report of plagiarism in the current year for products that are fully integrated into the Transparancy program.

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