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New ARA Premium for Vendors

As of 01.04.2020, ARA Premium will become "Brand Analysis" under a new name.

Amazon will rename ARA Premium to BrandAnalytics as of 01.04.2020. In the course of the renaming, there will also be adjustments to the features and usage requirements, which we present to you below. The most important and pleasant change is that ARA Premium (in future Brand Analytics) should be available free of charge for all vendors, at the latest from April 2020. The change will be completely automatic. 

Registration with Brand Registry necessary

In order to continue using ARA Premium - only under a new name - vendors must register their brand with Amazon Brand Registration if they have not already done so.

 ARA Premium has already been activated for 2020, but an Amazon brand registration has not yet been made.

For vendors who already have ARA Premium active, nothing will change for the time being. Amazon Retail Analytics Premium can still be used in full for the current calendar year, even if no registration with the Brand Registry has taken place. A brand registration is nevertheless mandatory in 2020 in order to continue to benefit from ARA Premium, respectively from the brand analysis.


ARA Basic is used, a trademark registration has not yet been made

For vendors who have not yet registered a trademark with the Brand Registry and have so far only used ARA Basic, a switch to ARA Premium or Brand Analysis will only be possible from 01.04.2020 if they have registered their trademark with the Brand Registry. After successful registration, the new brand analysis (i.e. ARA Premium) will be available free of charge.


Who can use the brand analysis?

Basically, the following applies: In order to be able to use the brand analysis tool, you must be the owner of the brand, or you must be able to show rights to the brand (e.g. distribution rights). Without these rights, the use of ARA Premium / Brand Analysis is not possible.
Sellers who do not own a trademark, but have rights to distribute certain trademarks, can create an account with the Brand Registry by providing the corresponding registration number of the trademark. In order for rights to be assigned to the seller, the trademark owner must activate the seller via the (trademark) Brand Registry account. After successful completion of the two steps mentioned above, it should also be possible for sellers with brand rights to use the new brand analysis.


Prices for brand analysis

As part of the name change from ARA Premium to Brand Analysis, Amazon confirms that the new feature will automatically be available to all vendors who own a brand registered with Brand Registration. Vendors are not expected to incur any additional costs for the added value. From April 2020, the use of brand analysis / ARA Premium will be free of charge, according to Amazon.


Do you have further questions about ARA Premium / Brand Analysis? We will be happy to help you. Contact us at www.info@iconic-sales.com. 

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