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Barbie prices in country comparison: This is how much Mattel sells its Barbie dolls for the film in the different countries

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Barbie prices in country comparison: This is how much Mattel sells its Barbie dolls for the film in the different countries

Barbie prices in country comparison: This is how much Mattel sells its Barbie dolls for the film in the different countries

Hi Barbie, Hi Ken - the earworm is already pre-programmed. But recently, when people think of Barbie, they mainly think of one thing: the current hit movie "Barbie". This is currently not only occupying the film world, but the new Barbie hype is also making itself felt in many other areas: Behind the "Barbie" brand is the U.S. toy company Mattel (www.mattel.de "). And to coincide with the new feature film, Mattel has launched "Barbie Signature The Movie "", a new edition of the feature film with nine Barbie and Ken dolls and various playsets. After all, Mattel already produces various feature films, cartoons and animated films and series to boost sales of toys such as Hot Wheels, He-Man action figures or even Barbie dolls.

However, a check of the online store reveals that the dolls do not cost the same in all countries: The dolls in the edition do not cost the same in all countries. Mattel operates online stores in a total of 15 countries, which is why we took a closer look at them. We have evaluated the results of the price comparison for you here.
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Proud prices in Brazil, Mexico and Greece

Anyone who visits Mattel's online store in Brazil, Mexico or Greece has to dig deep into their pockets. The average price for a Barbie from the special edition of the film is among the highest in these three countries: With an average of 98.23 euros for a doll, Brazil takes first place. The second and third most expensive Mattel online stores are followed at some distance by Mexico and Greece. Here, a feature Barbie costs an average of 79.30 euros and 78.56 euros, respectively. In Turkey, the home country of the U.S. toy manufacturer, and in neighboring Canada, on the other hand, things are getting cheaper: In the Turkish online store, Mattel offers its special edition Barbies at by far the lowest prices. Converted, the Barbies of the edition cost here on average only 35.03 euros. The second cheapest is the US online store with an average price of 40.63 euros. The third cheapest Mattel online store is the Canadian online store.

The cheapest Barbies: Ken in beach outfit and Barbie in plaid dress

The nine dolls that Mattel has released for the film include six Barbies and three Ken dolls in different outfits. The different dolls are priced differently by Mattel in all 15 online stores. The cheapest prices in all online stores are for both. "Margot Robbie as a Barbie doll to the film in a pink and white check dress" as well as the "Ken doll with striped beach outfit in pastel pink and green, surfboard and white sneakers" traded. For example, all other Barbies of the edition cost around 74.99 euros in the German online store, while these two dolls are offered for only 49.99 euros.

"The wave of success of the new hit movie "Barbie" is the drawing card of Mattel's pop-culture branding strategy, and it is not letting up even two weeks after its release in German cinemas. The model-size doll is the most important and largest product line in the portfolio, bringing the company $1.5 billion in sales, or more than a quarter of total sales. Home to Matchbox, Fisher-Price and Hot Wheels, the company ranks second in the toy industry behind Lego with $5.4 billion in annual sales in 2022," explains Stefan Gutheil, founder of ICONIC SALES and Amazon expert.

Stefan Gutheil is surprised that Amazon is not capitalizing on the hype surrounding the Barbie movie on Amazon
"It is all the more surprising that Mattel is not taking full advantage of the opportunity surrounding the hype and thus the advertising potential - at least on Amazon. After all, anyone searching for keywords such as "Barbie" will find advertised products from Lego and other toy manufacturers among the first hits.
The fact that Lego and others are prominently placed with keywords such as Barbie is due to the fact that Mattel invests virtually no marketing budget here and thus misses out on a huge opportunity. A strong brand also requires a holistic marketing strategy. So it's not just the huge price discrepancies for the same product that show Mattel hasn't thought the strategy through to the end, but also the performance marketing on Amazon."

Germany, Italy, USA: Mattel offers most of the special edition dolls here

Although the Turkish online store is one of the cheapest, the selection of Barbies from the film edition leaves a lot to be desired. Mattel only offers three dolls from the nine-piece edition in Turkey. The stores in Australia, with four dolls on offer, and Brazil, with six, also fare rather poorly in comparison. And anyone in Australia currently looking for a Barbie for the movie will be disappointed not only by the size of the selection: at the time of our investigation, the Australian online store had sold out of all but the last doll for the movie. The online stores in the U.S., Germany and Italy, on the other hand, are particularly well stocked - all nine dolls in the edition are available here.

About the investigation

For the study, ICONIC SALES recorded the prices of the nine Barbie dolls for the feature film on the respective websites of the 15 Mattel online stores in the various countries. The prices were collected on August 03, 2023, and converted into euros according to the current Google average exchange rate. As the Australian online store was sold out at the time of the survey, no prices could be collected here.
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