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The Christmas Store on Amazon

Christmas is also the busiest sales period of the year on Amazon. The December 2018 press release reveals that Amazon had a record-breaking festive season last year, with more items ordered worldwide than ever before. This is backed up by Amazon's previous year's figures, which examined the Christmas months with the previous months of August - October:

Amazon divides the Christmas business into four phases, which we would like to present to you briefly below.

1st phase: beginning of November - Amazon as a research portal for gift finding

During this phase, traffic on Amazon on Amazon increases massively. Many customers are already looking around for suitable gifts and/or get inspired. As a result, the conversion rate remains relatively stable compared to the previous months. This is due to the fact that the decision to buy is often already made, but the product is not yet purchased. not yet purchased. In order to be taken into account in the subsequent, final decision, it is essential to be found in this phase accordingly. to be found. PPC offers various possibilities to increase visibility. increase.

2nd phase: From mid-November -. The purchase is carried out

Now the conversion rate is increasing significantly. What was researched and searched for at the beginning of the month is now actually bought more often. The traffic, which was previously very high, now drops slightly. Promotion days such as "Black Friday Week" (11/22 - 11/29/2019) and "Cyber Monday" (11/30 - 12/02/2019) provide additional incentives for customers (for more information on promotion days, see our blog post from 10/10/2019). The peak in this phase is reached in about two weeks before Christmas. At this point, both the conversion rate and the number of orders on Amazon are at their highest.

3rd phase: From 2 weeks before Christmas - Last Minute Shopping

In the third phase, orders and orders and traffic gradually decline. The conversion rate, however, remains remains significantly higher. Now, many spontaneous purchases take place, customers can be lured with bargains and deals in particular. can be lured. If the retailer has Prime shipping, the conversion rate is once again significantly better.

Phase 4: From December 23 - Massive slump in sales in many segments

During the Christmas holidays and until New Year's Eve, hardly any Christmas presents are bought. On the other hand, there is an sales of complementary products typical of Christmas gifts, such as batteries and the like. batteries & Co. can be observed. PPC campaigns should be reduced in most cases during this should be reduced in most cases during this phase.

Expert tips for a successful Christmas business

What do you have to do now in order to be successful in your Christmas business on Amazon?

Source: Amazon, 2018. Comparison of data with August - October.

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