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With PPC to the bestseller

on amazon

With the takeover of the PPC advertising campaigns by our advertising team, a systematic and granular campaign structure was introduced for all relevant products. In addition, all possible ad formats were used to achieve optimal coverage. Specific budget planning throughout the year ensured that products were advertised at all times and that campaigns were not interrupted. This allowed for a significant increase in advertising sales, while maintaining a consistently low ACOS level. The success in the first few months led to more confidence in the importance of advertising and gave the advertising team more options, such as additional budget for strategic attack campaigns or video campaigns.
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The Challenge

The manufacturer has pursued several goals:
  • Professionalise your Amazon advertising presence

  • Increase advertising sales

  • max. 10% share of advertising costs
The client, which has a very strong brand and has been listed on Amazon for a long time, wanted to professionalise its advertising presence on Amazon. In the past, different employees were responsible for the advertising campaigns, but were also entrusted with many other tasks in marketing, so that the supervision of the campaigns was usually neglected and the knowledge about the optimal control was not available.

There was a specific budget for the advertising campaigns that had to cover the whole year. The client was aware that the current expenditure did not do justice to professional support and was therefore prepared to increase the budget. The target was that the share of advertising costs should not exceed 10% of the advertising turnover.
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The solution

In the first step, a budget plan was drawn up for the rest of the year with the given budget in order to ensure constant visibility throughout the year. The seasonalities were taken into account accordingly. In the second step, an ASIN-based campaign structure was set up. All available ad formats were used, which was not the case before, and an individual keyword research was carried out for each product.
Our strategy includes the following targeting options:
  • Generic keywords that are relevant for the product in question

  • (Brand) keywords from competitors

  • Category and product targeting
This ensured optimal coverage of all relevant ad placements within the budget. Above all, care was taken to protect the brand keywords and to be visible for the most important organic keywords. The advertising team was able to keep an eye on the performance of the many new campaigns through regular manual checks and the use of our bidding software, in order to be able to react quickly to any changes. This allowed the campaigns to be constantly optimised to deliver excellent results.

The results

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Advertising sales

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Average monthly Sales increase in % compared to March (July: deviation
due to Prime Day)
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With the new campaigns, which were created without an end date and constantly optimised, a significant advertising turnover could be generated with optimally coordinated expenditures since the start in June 2020. This corresponds to an ACOS of 5.6%. With this, the ACOS was even 0.3 percentage points below the value of the previous years with significantly higher expenditure. The advertising turnover since the start with ICONIC could be increased by more than 520% compared to the 15 previous months, while the expenditure was only increased by 490% in the same period.

The campaign structure now includes more than 250 different campaigns consisting of all relevant targeting and ad formats and is constantly being expanded with further campaigns. Through the initial keyword research when creating new campaigns, the ads are played out for the relevant keywords and can be precisely targeted there via the exact alignment.

The success achieved in this way ensured that the budget was doubled in 2021 and sales were increased again in the first 8 months. In addition, own videos were developed for the advertising campaigns and additional budgets were approved for attack campaigns on various competitors.

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