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Success on Amazon - Reviews

Valuation generation for new products

You want to sell a new product on Amazon? Then you need to to consider a few points that are crucial for your success on the marketplace. marketplace. Above all, customer reviews for your new product should be be in focus. After all, every fourth Amazon customer clicks on the product with the best reviews. Two out of three users would even change their purchase decision change their purchase decision based on reviews. In the following article we present tips on how to successfully launch your new product and how to generate positive you can generate positive product reviews.

Ratings - a factor influencing purchases

With the overwhelming range of products on Amazon, it can be easy to lose overview can quickly get lost. To simplify the purchase decision for themselves online shoppers rely on the experiences of other customers. of other customers. Reviews are a decisive and point of orientation for undecided customers. In principle, they are nothing other than a personal quality check. Is the product recommendable? or will you be disappointed after buying it? Good ratings increase the likelihood of a purchase - bad reviews minimize it. The social quality check is an essential factor essential factor for the sale of a product.

The problem of valuation generation

Only about 5% of purchases made on Amazon are actually rated. rated. This means that even established brands with a high sales rate are struggling with the have to struggle with the rating issue. At the same time this appears to be an almost insurmountable hurdle for new suppliers on the marketplace. hurdle. This is because ratings have a significant impact on the ranking behavior of the product's ranking. Products without reviews are displayed at the bottom of the search results page. search results page. In plain language, this means for your new product: It will not be found, therefore it will not be bought. Evaluation generations are therefore not even possible. A PPC campaign for products without reviews is also not effective and simply burns money.

But what remains now? Before we come to the possibilities of the evaluation generation, you should deal with the following three basic topics basic topics that are indispensable for your Amazon career. are:

Step 1: The product

It may sound obvious, but your goal should be to sell be to sell a perfect product. It should not just be good or quite nice, it has to be overwhelming. This is the most substantial part of marketing. This is because it is human nature to share enthusiasm. A top product increases the probability of positive reviews many times over.

Step 2: Content optimization

The optimization of your listing is fundamental for your success on Amazon. For your new product to be considered relevant by the Amazon A9 algorithm, you should algorithm, you should concentrate on keywords that are relevant to the search and manifest them in your listing. For this purpose use the Title, the bullet points and the product description. Make sure that you also use the backend. Here you can use keywords that do not fit into the listing due to context. do not fit into the listing. In this way you increase the possibility, recognized as relevant by the A9 algorithm and to be displayed on a higher position position on the search results page. Of course, your listing should not consist of an uninspired string of keywords. Your goal must rather be to create affective product texts. Important information and unique selling points of your product must be be listed. In addition, use expressive and high-quality images. high-quality images. The result: The CTR (click-through-rate) and CVR (conversion rate) of your product will improve. A higher CVR & CTR ultimately results in a higher higher ranking position.
Nevertheless, a new product - even with an optimally designed content - will not automatically displayed on the first search results page (which is largely due to the lack of reviews). to a large extent due to the non-existent reviews).

Step 3: Customer satisfaction

Even if it is difficult for your new product to be found on Amazon found and purchased without a review - be prepared already now to be prepared to stand out with your customer service. Your customers must be satisfied, because only happy customers bring positive reviews. with them. Even if some customers return the product or report problems, it is your job to always be friendly and provide courteous and smooth service. and smooth service. Good service can also bring positive ratings with it.

Of course, all three of these steps are based on an already completed an already completed sale of your product. However, this has probably has not yet taken place, because your product is not displayed on the positions where purchasing is not displayed on the positions where purchase decisions are made. are made. These positions are mostly given to top-rated products. awarded. In order to also shine with positive reviews, we have compiled a few tips below, which you can use to generate reviews and thus to be and thus climb up the ranking list.

Option 1: Amazon programs for obtaining Reviews

Amazon, too, is aware of the problem of rating generation. aware. In order to support new products in particular, Amazon launched two programs into being: Amazon Vine & the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. With these manufacturers and sellers the opportunity to have their products reviewed. products.

Amazon Vendor Program: Amazon Vine

The Amazon Vine program is currently available exclusively through Vendor Central. To participate, vendors must submit their products to Amazon. products to Amazon. Under the program, Amazon provides free products to customers who have already written trustworthy reviews, free products for testing. for testing. The corresponding "product testers" are so-called Vine members who have been invited to participate in the program. In return free product, the testers rate the respective product in the form of an Amazon review. in the form of an Amazon review. In addition to the quite high costs of a four-digit fee per ASIN, there is the further problem that, depending on the category, there is a prescribed maximum number of products that can be rated, depending on the category. can be rated.

Amazon Seller Program: Amazon Early Reviewer Program

This program is currently only available to sellers in the US marketplace. Marketplace. Products that are more expensive than $15 and have less than five reviews qualify for the Amazon Early Reviewer Program. Sellers have the option, for $60 per SKU, to have Amazon send follow-up emails to customers who have already purchased the product for $60 per SKU. have purchased the product. Customers are offered the opportunity to write a review for the product they have purchased and receive a final reward of "$1 to $3". In the If a review is generated, however, the corresponding rating will be marked as marked that it was created within the Early Reviewer Program. was created.

Option 2: Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns are very versatile and are frequently used used to generate ratings.


Discount coupons can be offered in order to provide the potential customer a special incentive to buy. If the coupon increases sales increase as a result of the coupon, the likelihood of the valuation rating generation. The catch with the ratings that are generated with the purchase via a discount code are generated: They are marked by Amazon as "less trustworthy" or "not verified /".

Product inserts

Enclose promotional materials with your products or the packages in which your products are products are shipped with promotional material. Here you can specifically ask for ratings can be asked for.
CAUTION: Do not specifically ask for a positive or 5-star rating and do not promise a reward for a review.

Email marketing

This is a very effective strategy. However, it is also very costly. Outside of Amazon, establish a target group of people group of people. Contact them via e-mail with a link and all the important important information about your new product. However, to achieve an actual rating increase, your contact list needs to be immense. You will probably only be able to encourage a few recipients to buy - and of those in turn, only about 5% will write a review. For very few reviews you should plan for a recipient list of at least 10,000 - 15,000.

Option 3: A Facebook Bot (our recommendation)

With a Facebook Bot you simulate a live communication with potential customers. The bot opens in the News Feed and encourages interaction. Customers can experience a "real" chat in Facebook Messenger experience a "real" chat, which strengthens trust in the product and can answer can answer open questions. Don't worry - even a layman can easily program the bot. program the bot. It is recommended that you let the bot ask questions to which the customer has to answer in order to get more information. Programming with respect to many different eventualities is very effective. In the context of this conversation you can refer to your Amazon product. The positive effect of the bot is that you can contact the customer again at a later time. contact the customer again at a later date. Thus, you achieve customer loyalty and stimulate to buy enormously.

The following is an example to start the conversation regarding a day cream:

Bot: "Do you care for your skin sufficiently with nutrients? I will be very happy to explain to you how to keep your Skin Radiant, Soft & Healthy."

Response options: "Very much" or "No, thank you".

According to this scheme, you program the conversation further and further until they can finally refer to your product and ask for feedback. and ask for feedback. Experience shows that the bot's open rate is a full 90%. The connection between you and the customer becomes "more personal", which is why after the purchase, asking for a review is promising.

ConclusionTo successfully market your new product on on Amazon, you need to optimize your content for your target group and use relevant keywords. In order to boost the sales rate of your product you also need to focus on reviews. The best method for generating reviews is the Facebook bot. Other methods are also effective, but most of them are only recommended if there are already some reviews available. Would you like to learn more about the topic of success on Amazon and review generation? Feel free to contact us at any time at info@iconic-sales.com.


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