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Increase in meetings &

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In April 2022, new numbers have crept into Seller Central. Without much notice, Amazon has split the sessions and page views into two additional numbers. Now you can find both metrics split into "Browser" and "Mobile App". For now, this doesn't seem spectacular and even seems like a great feature. It is, but it should be noted that the key figures sessions and page views have increased enormously as a result.

What exactly has changed?

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The previous figures for sessions and also for page views can no longer be found - instead, they are much higher. This is due to the fact that apparently only browser data was recorded so far, but not the data of the Amazon app. Amazon has now made up for this and shows both figures, which results in much higher numbers. At first, this is very pleasing, since the important figures from the mobile app are now displayed.
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What does this mean for sellers?

However, this new presentation legitimately raises the question of why this was not the case until now and what impact does this change have for you as a seller?
Overview of new KPIs in Amazon Seller Central

Effects of changing sessions and page views

Even if higher sessions seem positive at first glance, it is important to look at related KPIs as well. In particular, the conversion rate suffers from the fact that sessions have increased. This is because if sales remain the same and sessions are higher, the conversion rate will ultimately be lower.
Of course, the conversion rate itself remains the same, but it seems that Amazon has been glossing over the conversion rate so far. The conversion rate now reported seems to be a more realistic one, since all sessions are now included.
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How important is the mobile view on Amazon?

Now that you can see exactly how many people are accessing your product via the app, the question of how important the mobile view is on Amazon is more important than ever. Take a close look at your metrics and also the mobile view of your products and evaluate if your content is suitable for the Amazon app.

If you need help optimizing your mobile content, contact us at info@iconic-sales.com without obligation.

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