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Influence of cross-media campaigns on Amazon sales revenues

Amazon is taking a further step toward transparency by enabling attribution, i.e., the assignment of advertising activities to sales. In simple terms, it becomes measurable which advertising channel or advertising activity contributes to sales and how much. This makes it possible to measure the profitability and return on investment (ROI) of advertising activities - outside and inside Amazon.

Regardless of whether it is display ads, search ads, video ads & channels, it becomes visible how customers discover and buy the products within the sales funnel. This enables even more precise control and optimization of the corresponding campaigns.

The corresponding evaluation and related reports are retrieved on-demand and allow immediate adjustments. Amazon also allows a detailed insight into the customer audience in order to obtain even more information for future control and optimization.

The Amazon Attribution area is currently in the beta phase and is only available for the .com platform. However, participation is free of charge, only access to AAP and AMS is required and active campaign placement must also be guaranteed outside of Amazon in order to be able to contribute to the beta accordingly.

Amazon Attribution Case Study:

In a first case, the various traffic channels were evaluated and analyzed in the nutritional supplements sector in the USA. The result is a revenue growth of 96% (from quarter to quarter) and an increase on an annual basis of 322%. Both values are exclusively due to the fact that channels could be evaluated transparently and thus budgets and activities were shifted to the profitable channels.

How does ICONIC SALES rate Amazon Attribution?

Amazon is moving in the right direction with the Amazon Attribution program and is taking the next and above all necessary step towards maximum transparency. After external traffic sources can already be evaluated via source tags in the Brand Store, this is now the ideal solution for creating maximum transparency and controlling campaigns and budgets fairly and based on ROI.


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