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Backend keywords with new byte cap

We know that Amazon is constantly evolving. Also now in August something has changed, about which we want to inform you. Read all the news about the new byte limit for backend keywords below.

Via Seller Central, Amazon communicated on 2018-08-02 that a new limit has been set for backend keywords (also called "generic keywords," "search terms," or "generic keywords"). The communication includes the following statement, "Amazon limits the length of a search term attribute to less than 250 bytes. From now on, if your search terms exceed this limit, you'll see a warning next to the Search Terms field on the Search Terms section of the product detail page in Seller Central."

We have summarized for you what exactly lies behind this change. In concrete terms, the change means the following: Instead of the previous 250 bytes, now only a maximum of 249 bytes can be used. In the future, spaces and punctuation marks such as commas, periods, etc. will also be included in the count. In addition, products can now only be saved if these new regulations have been adhered to and the keyword count has been limited.

The following screenshot shows the error message that is displayed if the number of characters is exceeded. It also shows that (contrary to Amazon's announcement) a product with an invalid number of backend keywords cannot be saved.

The new restriction does not only apply in Germany. The new limit must also be adhered to on the marketplaces in Europe and North America in the future. If you get a warning message like above, you have to reduce the number of your keywords to under 250 bytes that you can save the article.

But don't panic: For existing articles, however, where you adhere to the previously valid limit of 250 bytes (not counting spaces, etc.), the keywords will continue to be indexed. So you can still be found with your search terms. While it is not necessary to jump to conclusions, we recommend that you keep a close eye on your products and implement the new changes step by step.

Nevertheless, be prepared that this change will not be the last. Especially in the area of backend keywords, a lot has happened in the past years: The keywords in the backend have already been provided with the most different upper limits in the past years. In December 2015, for example, the character limit for keywords in the backend was increased to 5000 characters. However, this change led to sellers entering search terms without any relevance to the product in the backend keywords. The reduction to 250 bytes followed in 2017. Only one year later now the limit of 249 bytes.

What exactly does a reduction of characters to a maximum of 249 bytes mean?

If the limit remains permanently below 250 bytes including spaces etc., this means for you that a sound keyword research and the prioritization of keywords becomes more and more important. Since you now have less space available, you must focus on entering only the most relevant keywords in the backend.

If you have any questions about the innovation, do not hesitate to contact us. Write us your request to info@iconic-sales.com.


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