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Juliane Heber and Selina Vetter - extended agency management
Selina Vetter


ICONIC founder Stefan Gutheil is setting up the ICONIC team for the UK in London over the next three months. Therefore, until further notice, the management for ICONIC SALES in Germany has been extended. Since the beginning of September, Ms. Selina Vetter and Ms. Juliane Heber have jointly taken over the management of the ICONIC headquarters in Schorndorf near Stuttgart. Selina Vetter will be responsible for the German agency business, Ms. Juliane Heber for all commercial issues within the company. ICONIC congratulates the managing directors on their new positions.

The two are the first female employees of ICONIC and are very happy to now master this new task together: Juliane Heber has been an important part of the ICONIC team for more than six years, Selina Vetter for more than four and a half years and both know the company, the market and the competition better than anyone else

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What motivates the two managers in their new role?

Selina Vetter sees her new role as an opportunity to take a company that she has been involved with for many years and whose growth she has helped to shape to a new level. Her greatest motivation is that she is trusted to make trend-setting decisions. Juliane Heber is also looking forward to using her experience and expertise to help ICONIC continue to grow and develop. "Since I started over 6 years ago, ICONIC has given me the opportunity to learn an incredible amount in a short period of time and to develop personally. Now I can give a part of what I got from ICONIC back to the company", Juliane Heber describes her motivation at the new job.
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What distinguishes ICONIC from the point of view of the two managing directors?

Drive, growth, an unbeatable team: Juliane Heber & Selina Vetter agree that without these characteristics the success of the last years would not have been possible: "We are incredibly proud of our team: Every single person gives his best every day to advance ICONIC itself as well as our customers with maximum quality! This is what distinguishes us as a company!"

What will be important in the agency business in the coming years?

In the Amazon sector, the market is currently changing rapidly and is very dynamic. "It will be decisive whether you as a company are able to adapt to this rapid development," says Juliane Heber. "There are very many, new service providers coming onto the market with different offers. Our biggest challenge here will be to stand out in the crowd and, above all, to stand out! That's exactly what we manage to do with our unique range of services and our promise of quality without exception" adds Selina Vetter.
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