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March 12 and 13, 2019

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Internet World EXPO and the Amazon World Convention took place in Munich once again. Proven global players as well as innovators regularly gather here. The fair is touted by those responsible as a meeting place for important decision-makers from e-commerce, online marketing, logistics, multichannel and this year even Amazon. In this blog post, we summarize for you whether the trade fair delivers what it promises and whether you can look to the future here.

Speakers: 165 speakers from a wide variety of sectors and a wide variety of companies (Shopify, Amazon Alexa, Klarna, Google DACH, Deutsche Post, e42 II, and many more) took part in this year's trade fair. Key topics included price optimization online, maximum reach, SEO, SEA and UX: the perfect trio, successful multichannel management, and more. As expected, 2018 was very successful for Amazon and the future for the company is also predicted to be very positive. This became very clear during the presentations at Amazon World. The associated also increasing relevance of the platform was also addressed. The role of agencies and online service providers is thus becoming increasingly important. In the age of digital change, strong partners and experts at their side are needed more than ever.

Exhibitors: Many large companies, but also trendsetters, stood in Munich under the banner of the ultimate multichannel. Being able to use different sales channels at once offers a simplified start in the industry, yet it became clear that if specializations in the respective disciplines are lacking and thus value creation falls by the wayside, the multichannel coverage of individual providers shows its disadvantages. Fortunately, we were also able to get to know some companies at the trade show that are not going down precisely this path. Optimal utilization of a sales channel and the associated specialization represents in our eyes a refreshing and strategically valuable vision, which we also share with full passion.

Amazon: At the Amazon World Convention, we were able to get to know agencies that have understood how to use Amazon optimally as a channel and how to optimally support manufacturers and retailers there, at least to some extent. Speakers from the companies (Ameo, Sellics, TOWA, BidX, and many more) again emphasized that the increasing relevance and popularity of Amazon also increases the complexity. A holistic strategy that includes organic optimization, PPC and review generation are important approaches to become successful on Amazon. Especially Rezendo have caught our attention positively on the topic of reviews on Amazon. Here, by means of a cashback, a rating is provoked but not influenced. Maximum transparency and a common benefit are to be particularly emphasized here. With regard to automated PPC campaign management, the company BidX surprised us. Automated management of sponsored brands and sponsored products on Amazon is one of their core competencies. Amazon does not stand still, quite the opposite. The online giant is in flux and just like the company, consumer behavior is also changing. Therefore, it is of significant importance to work out innovative methods to offer consumers the best shopping experience.

A complete solution that not only the organic optimization and the switching of advertisements also crossmedial, one finds very easily. That also beyond a creative approach and still the possibility of its own shipping and storage facility was unfortunately not offered by any other service provider. However, this describes exactly what we do.

We do not just offer simple optimizations and are not satisfied with a short-term objective. We are here to build our customers. Our vision requires a long-term partnership with our customers, we measure our success with your sales on Amazon and furthermore we support you in the creative conception of your products and your brand, as well as in the storage and shipping of your goods.

Balance: The balance of the fair: very positive. Visitor numbers were up on the previous year and exhibitors were also satisfied. The number of visitors grew to 19,153 (2018: 17,212). This underlines the importance of EXPO as the most important retail industry event. The speeches of the experts showed that a lot is happening in the Amazon business and will continue to do so in the future. Let's stay excited!

We are already looking forward to IW EXPO 2020 and will of course continue to keep you up to date on developments in the digital world as usual until then.


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