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Conformity & Compliance of products on


What you as a Marketplace merchant on Amazon and manufacturer need to know about the labeling obligation of your products!

The number of sellers on Amazon is growing steadily, which has already resulted in an oversupply of products in many categories. This makes it difficult for countless retailers to enter the market fairly and ensures limited growth opportunities right from the start. Often forgotten or ignored are merchants who do not offer their products in compliance with the guidelines and often claim highly competitive categories at mostly unfair conditions.

What does compliance or conformity of products on Amazon mean?

Each manufacturer and distributor is responsible for ensuring that its products comply with applicable laws so that they are directive-compliant or "compliant". This conformity is expressed by corresponding markings on products. Particularly well known here is the CE mark as a "European goods passport" with which products can be sold throughout the EU. The products subject to CE are clearly regulated.

These include, but are not limited to:
- electronic products
- toys
- medical devices

For these and for other products, in turn, further national regulations apply in each EU country, which must be complied with. For example:

- Food supplements
- Cosmetics
- Biocidal products

Each of the above-mentioned product areas has its own labeling requirements, by which the compliance of the products with the legal requirements can be seen.

The establishment of conformity is often accompanied by costs, e.g. for product tests and proof of conformity. Especially in highly competitive markets, there are often sellers who save the costs and offer non-conforming products at low prices - to the detriment of those who comply with all specifications. This often leads to unfair competition. However, these violations of compliance requirements lead to a ban on the sale of the products. In other words, they may not be offered at all if they do not meet all the specifications.

What are the implications for Amazon?

The European Amazon marketplaces are under constant regulatory surveillance, and legislators are increasing the pressure on Amazon to ensure that only compliant products are offered on Amazon. Amazon is held jointly liable for this.

So if Amazon becomes aware that products offered do not comply with the legal requirements, it is obliged to act. Otherwise, it risks legal consequences and fines.

Are you one of the manufacturers or distributors whose products fall into the affected areas? ICONIC Sales offers you the solution:

ICONIC Sales has developed a process to protect manufacturers and sellers of compliant products and to take action against non-compliant sellers on Amazon. We support companies in establishing fair competition and expanding their own market shares against unfair competitors. This can lead to an increase in market share by eliminating non-compliant competitors and to an increase in sales.

You have questions, are concerned or want to enquire about further information around the topic of compliance on Amazon? We are happy to assist you:

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