ICONIC SALES at Aalen University! As part of the Master Business Development course, ICONIC SALES offered its corporate project. Lateral thinking was required, because the task was the creation of an innovative marketing strategy concept, which should serve as support for the relaunch of the website.   

Three students showed particular interest in the services offered by the full-service Amazon agency and decided to accept the challenge and work on the project for an entire semester. A prerequisite for a successful project is, of course, an in-depth understanding of the services that ICONIC SALES offers. To ensure this, the students were invited and warmly welcomed by the ICONIC team. Once inside the company, the prospective academics were given a comprehensive shoulder-to-shoulder look at the various departments. From fulfillment to account management, past graphics and the advertising team to the management - they got a taste of everything.

"Everyone buys on Amazon. But no one can imagine how many complex areas a seller has to cover in order to generate sales on Amazon. ICONIC SALES offers comprehensive product and brand strategies for their clients, which start with market and product analysis and extend to advertising and the creation of the entire Amazon content. In addition, ICONIC SALES is working on various technologies that automate and simplify the work processes. It was very interesting to learn about the different areas in the company. The ICONIC team always welcomed us warmly and was always open to questions, suggestions and feedback." - Margarita Klassen, student

In the course of the project, there were many approaches that the students worked out together with ICONIC SALES. Across departments, many ideas were discussed and analyzed further. 

At the end, a project pitch was on the agenda. ICONIC SALES was on site - at Aalen University - and kept its fingers crossed for the ICONIC students.

"For ICONIC SALES, the university project was a new and valuable experience. The students brought a lot of thinking with potential to the company." - Selina Vetter, Head of Amazon Account Management & supervisor of the ICONIC company project.

Do you have any further questions about the university project or would you like to work with ICONIC SALES on a bachelor's thesis, master's thesis or project? We are looking forward to the exchange. Contact us at kontakt@iconic-sales.com


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