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Amazon DSP Agency: Programmatic Advertising for more reach and revenue

Numerous sellers sell different products on Amazon. The Internet platform is by no means lacking in a diverse range of products and an extremely competitive situation. Anyone who sells a product on Amazon has to prevail against the competition in order to gain conversions and be economically stable. But customers also need an impetus so that they are not just passive prospects, but become active buyers. And that's where Amazon DSP comes in. DSP stands for "Demand Side Platform" and is the main component of "Programatic Advertising". As an Amazon DSP agency, we give you the opportunity to increase traffic and conversions of your listings - and thus your sales.

Amazon DSP Agency: Definition

An Amazon DSP agency places programmatic advertising designed to reach defined target groups on and off the Amazon platform. This increases sales, brand awareness and click rates. As an agency for Amazon DSP, we therefore have two specific goals in mind:

  1. Profitability and Sales growth
  2. Increase brand value and brand awareness through higher reach

A demand side platform enables target groups to be formed on the basis of collected data and targeted with the help of display and video ads.

5 Benefit Factors of an Amazon DSP Agency


Want to know why an Amazon DSP agency is beneficial to you? A DSP Amazon agency can give you more visibility on the Amazon platform with a tailored advertising package. Furthermore, in the sections below we will tell you more arguments for DSP advertising and using a professional Amazon DSP agency.

1) Amazon DSP Managed and Self Service

Amazon distinguishes between two services in the way advertising is used: The Amazon Managed Service is a full service in which Amazon employees take over the entire creation and control of the Amazon DSP campaigns. This Amazon service can be booked from an advertising budget of €10,000 per month. Amazon charges a percentage fee of the implemented advertising budget.
With self-service, Amazon DSP agencies and companies can create and control the campaigns themselves. However, Amazon reserves the right to assign the self-service accounts according to strict specifications. With the managed service of Amazon DSP agencies, however, there is also a possibility of use. However, a minimum budget is usually required at this point as well.

2) Full Amazon Advertising Funnel

We at ICONIC Amazon DSP agencies can handle the entire Amazon Advertising for you. Do you know the situation as a merchant, where you can reach potential buyers only on the marketplace during the product search? In this case, the customer often has a purchase intention and is in an advanced phase of the buying process. Amazon DSP helps to guide the customer through the entire customer journey. The following basic requirements should be met for the successful use of Amazon Advertising:

  1. Precisely defined corporate goals and
  2. good knowledge of the respective product life cycles.

In the phases of the customer journey, different factors apply for measuring success. Is the customer familiar with your product or is it an innovation that needs to be understood?

3) Amazon DSP Retargeting

Merchants who offer products on Amazon can enjoy special benefits from the combination of Advertising Console and Amazon DSP. Retargeting campaigns using DSP help to continue advertising to customers who were already in the purchase decision phase with DSP retargeting away from the Amazon platform. Provided that a profitable playout of the advertising campaigns is intended, ASIN retargeting campaigns should be considered. The following rule of thumb applies: the higher up in the funnel you start, the more costly it is to convert a prospect into a buyer.

4) First Party Data from Amazon

By using Amazon Audiences (first party data), users can be targeted who have looked at a certain product group (e.g. furniture) and have not yet purchased it. This is independent of where the user is on the Internet. As soon as a user buys a chair, he or she is automatically excluded from subsequent advertising.
Have you ever noticed that - for example after buying a table - you also get ads about chairs? This describes another way to use Amazon's First Party Data. The algorithm learns through user behavior which ad types work on each ad slot. The insights can be evaluated to identify and advertise to additional, unknown target groups.

5) Amazon DSP Targeting, Algorithm and Brand Safety

Depending on the product category, the prospective buyer uses different devices to complete a purchase. Amazon DSP makes it possible to display advertising on different devices. Many customers change devices during the customer journey and complete the purchase on a specific device.
The algorithm at Amazon DSP analyzes in real time whether the available ad spaces match the defined campaign goals. This ensures that the purchase of the ad placements is automatically checked. The automatic matching of the advertising spaces and campaign targets achieves an optimization of the playout.
Brand safety and ad fraud prevention also play an important role in Amazon DSP. Amazon checks the "impressions" that take place before and after delivery. The advertiser only has to pay for impressions that survive the verification process.

Targeting possibilities of the ICONIC SALES Amazon DSP agency

Amazon DSP Standard Display Ads (SDAs)

In Amazon advertising with Standard Display Ads, the ads can be designed in different sizes. A creative interplay between corporate identity and creative elements is possible with display campaigns. These can be static images or dynamic animations. The most popular formats for Amazon DSP ads are:
  • "Skyscraper" (120 x 600 Pixel)

  • "Banner" (468 x 60 Pixel)

  • "Leaderboard" (728 x 90 Pixel)

  • "Square" (250 x 250 Pixel)

  • "Half-page ad (300 x 600 pixels)

  • "Rectangle" (336 x 280 pixels)

  • "Billboard" (970 x 250 pixels).

Amazon DSP Dynamic E-Commerce Ads (DEAs)

Dynamic E-Commerce Ads are always designed automatically at Amazon DSP agencies. Furthermore, they are always based on an ASIN. The display format is always adjusted automatically for dynamic ads. This means that if the customer focuses on product reviews, the ad will be played out with a rating. As an Amazon DSP agency, we make sure that the campaign goals match your preferences. By the way: The product on the Amazon Marketplace is always linked at this point.

Amazon DSP Video Ads (VAs)

Video Ads are displayed on desktop and applications. At this point the ICONIC SALES Amazon DSP agency distinguishes between three different advertising formats:

  1. In-stream video ads,

  2. Out-stream video ads and

  3. In-app interstitial video ads.

For in-stream offers, the ads are usually embedded with other videos. Out-stream videos are generally not linked to other content. In-app interstitial ads are very similar to the out-stream video variant, but they mask the actual content.

Advantages of an Amazon Demand Side Platform

As an Amazon DSP agency, we give you full access to all the exclusive advertising networks of the Amazon platform. We place programmatically-controlled campaigns that achieve a much higher reach than standard "sponsored ads". In addition to the higher reach, we can also access Amazon's user data for you in order to play out advertising campaigns as precisely as possible. Other providers of display advertising campaigns, such as Google or Facebook, only make assumptions about user and purchasing behavior. After the click on the advertising banner, Google and Facebook can no longer make any significant statements about user behavior. With Amazon Advertising-DSP it is different: Amazon knows the search, purchase and return behavior very well. The use of audience data can prevent scattering losses when creating the target group and control the ads at the right time in the sales funnel. The real-time analysis ensures that the browsing and shopping behavior of customers is precisely analyzed and, based on this, enables a targeted approach in the event of interest or intention to buy.

Does that sound complicated and like a lot of work to you? We at ICONIC SALES will gladly take care of that for you. As an Amazon DSP agency, we work with Amazon Ads every day and are therefore always up to date. Our team of Amazon experts implements campaigns for you and can also support your marketing with Amazon SEO and other services complement.

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