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Maximize your success on
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Premium A+ content and brand stories on Amazon: Maximize your success on the e-commerce platform

Maximize your success on Amazon with premium A+ content & brand stories.

The e-commerce landscape is competitive and constantly changing. To stand out from the competition and improve the shopping experience for customers, more and more brands are turning to advanced content options like premium A+ content and brand stories. In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn how to leverage these features to maximize your success on Amazon.

What are PREMIUM A+ content and brand stories?

Premium A+ content and brand stories are enhanced content options on Amazon that allow brands to better showcase their products and story. They are available to brands participating in the Amazon Brand Registry program. Premium A+ content focuses on the product side, while brand story enhances the brand's presentation on the Amazon storefront.
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The advantages of PREMIUM A+ content

  • Better presentation of products: Premium A+ content offers brands the opportunity to better showcase their products through high-quality images, videos and text.

  • Improved conversion rate: by providing detailed information, premium A+ content can help increase conversion rates as customers feel more confident about making a purchase.

  • Reduced returns: By providing shoppers with clearer information about the product, premium A+ content can help reduce returns.

  • Improved brand loyalty: Premium A+ content can strengthen brand loyalty by promoting a consistent look and feel and brand message.

A way can be found by using so-called one-pager overviews: CI-compliant image banners are created that feature USP symbols, logos and brand history. When the elements, which are divided into separate A+ modules, are linked together in the A+ Content Manager, a harmonious overall picture is created in which the transitions between the individual parts are practically invisible.


Source: Amazon example Premium A+ (tefal)

Disadvantages of PREMIUM A+ content

  • Cost: Creating premium A+ content can be expensive for brands as they need to invest in professional photography, video production and copywriting.

  • Time investment: Creating engaging premium A+ content can be time-consuming, especially for brands with many different products.

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Brand Story

Brand story allows brands to showcase their unique story and values on their Amazon storefront. This can be done through the use of images, text, and videos that highlight the brand's origins, philosophy, and differentiation from competitors.

The advantages of marketing stories

  • Emotional value: a well-told brand story can create emotional value for customers and build a deeper connection to the brand.

  • Differentiation: brand story helps differentiate from competitors by emphasizing the uniqueness of the brand.

  • Brand perception: An appealing brand story can positively influence the perception of the brand and strengthen customer trust.
Brand history example of tefal

Source: Amazon example brand history (tefal)

The disadvantages of brand stories

  • Content creation: similar to premium A+ content, creating a brand story can be both costly and time-consuming.

  • No direct impact on conversion: Unlike premium A+ content, brand story may not have a direct impact on conversion rate.

  • Maintenance and updating: For both premium A+ content and brand story, brands need to regularly update and maintain content to keep it relevant and attractive to customers. This may require additional resources that brands need to allocate.

  • Dependence on Amazon platform: By investing in premium A+ content and brand story on Amazon, brands are more tied to the Amazon platform. This can lead to less focus on their own sales channels and e-commerce strategies.

  • Not guaranteed results: While premium A+ content and brand stories can help improve product exposure and brand image, there is no guarantee that they will lead to increased sales or better customer engagement. Results may vary by brand and product.

How to successfully use premium A+ content and brand stories

  • Analyze your target audience and their needs

  • Create high-quality content that aligns with your brand

  • Monitor the performance of your content and adjust as needed

  • Use the advanced content options to continuously optimize your brand presence on Amazon
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Premium A+ content and brand stories offer great opportunities for merchants & manufacturers on Amazon to stand out from the competition and enhance their customers' shopping experience. However, it's important to carefully weigh the benefits and drawbacks of these enhanced content options to ensure they are used effectively and help your business achieve your goals on the e-commerce platform. Employ a clear strategy to fully realize the potential of premium A+ content and brand stories to maximize your success on Amazon.

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