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Important changes for "Prime by Seller": everything you need to know

In the world of online retail, Amazon is always setting new standards with its Prime service. Recently, the company announced an innovation that is relevant for all sellers who use Prime: The updated Prime by Seller shipping criteria. This article tells you everything you need to know about it.

Prime by seller: what has changed?

Criteria change

In the past, the decisive factor was when the delivery was handed over to the transport service provider. But now Amazon has changed the criterion it uses for the rating: From now on, the day of delivery to the end customer counts. This makes the rate of on-time deliveries the most important criterion for Prime by sellers.

Use of all transport service providers

Another significant change is that all transportation service providers may now be used for shipping. This flexibility can help sellers work more efficiently and in a more customer-oriented manner.
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Prime eligibility requirements

To be eligible for Prime, sellers must meet certain requirements on a permanent basis. These vary by product category and can be found at the link above. Generally, these include:

Nationwide availability

The products must be available nationwide. This means that customers in any part of the country should be able to order your products.

Free shipping

It must be possible to order the products with free shipping. This is one of the basic principles of Amazon Prime and also applies to "Prime by Seller".

Free returns of goods

Prime members must be offered free returns of goods. However, there are some exceptions regarding product weight and cross-border shipments.

Evaluation criteria:
Punctual delivery and more

The management team of ICONIC SALES sits at a conference table and conducts a meeting on the topic of "Prime by Salespeople".

Delivery on time

Prime orders must be delivered to the customer on or before the promised delivery date. The on-time delivery rate must be at least 90%.

Shipment tracking

Sellers must provide valid tracking information when confirming the shipment of Prime orders. A minimum 99% (valid) tracking number rate must be maintained.

Cancellation rate

The cancellation rate of Prime orders initiated by sellers prior to shipment shall not exceed 0.5%.


The new criteria and requirements for "prime by vendor" offer both challenges and opportunities. Flexibility in choosing a carrier and an emphasis on on-time delivery can help increase customer satisfaction and improve service. Still, sellers must pay close attention to the new guidelines to continue to take full advantage of Amazon Prime.
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