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Project Zero - Amazon & brands join forces in the fight against product counterfeiting

Project Zero - What is it?


Project Zero - An evocative name for a project that aims to reduce the number of counterfeit products to zero. It is a free program for registered brands, with which counterfeits are to be removed from the marketplace worldwide. The program was launched in the United States at the beginning of 2019, and finally in the European marketplaces (Germany, France, Italy, Spain & the United Kingdom) at the end of the year. More than 3,000 registered brands have already signed up for Project Zero in the US to put an end to piracy once and for all. How the program works, how you can use it for yourself as a brand owner and what advantages it brings with it, we present to you in the following.

Project Zero - How does it work?

Project Zero combines Amazon's technological know-how and the brands' subjective knowledge of themselves to banish as many counterfeit products as possible from the platform. The effect of Project Zero is reflected in a significant result so far: nearly 70 million dubious products have already been discovered and removed.

Automated protection

The online giant itself continuously scans suspicious offers on its own website with the help of automated protection systems and proactively removes them. Even every single one of the more than 5 billion product updates per day is checked by the "anti-plagiarism scan" and, if in doubt, intercepted and removed before the dodgy product can even be seen by the customer.

Self-service tool for brand owners


Through the Self-Service tool, Amazon is giving brand owners registered for Project Zero an unprecedented free hand. Under this program, brand owners have the ability to remove counterfeit products independently and directly. No prior notification to Amazon is required. Registered brands enjoy the fullest trust on Amazon's part, which manifests itself in unprecedented freedom. Information about each suspicious object removed by the brand itself is fed into the automated protection system to drive machine learning. The interaction between the registered trademarks and the automated protection system has so far revealed itself to be a thoroughly promising strategy.

Project Zero & Transparancy - the perfect protection against counterfeiting? 

As mentioned in an earlier post, Amazon already combats counterfeit products with the Amazon Transparancy program. Here, branded products are authenticated and serialized from the start, ensuring the absolute authenticity of the products. The interaction of Amazon Transparency and Project Zero reduces the probability of being affected by product counterfeiting to an absolute minimum.

What are the requirements for registering with Project-Zero?

To qualify for Project Zero, your state-registered trademark must be registered with Amazon Trademark Registry. Furthermore, you must be the rights holder of the trademark and have an Amazon account with access to the trademark registry. Within the last six months, notices of potential infringement that you have filed must have an acceptance rate of at least 90%.

Regardless of the sales relationship with Amazon, any brand that meets the above criteria can register for Project Zero.


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