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Advisor: Amazon Marketplace -
These are the 7 most important trends for sellers & vendors

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7 Amazon Trends

Guide: Amazon Marketplace - These are the seven most important trends for sellers and vendors

Amazon enjoys great popularity: More and more companies and brands are relying on the sales platform. In Germany alone, the online giant generated sales of around 32 billion euros in 2022. The over 408 million monthly visits to Amazon.de also reveal the potential of the marketplace. Without having to set up their own online store, products can be sold all over the world.
Amazon gives retailers and manufacturers the chance to increase their visibility and establish themselves on the market. However, to be successful, it is important to get an overview. Because: Amazon is constantly evolving. With these seven trends that we at ICONIC SALES have identified, sellers and vendors can keep an eye on the latest developments.
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Expansion of the Amazon Advertising portfolio

Those who want to increase their visibility via Amazon Advertising can look forward to an even wider range of advertising options. One way to share brand messages with a large target group is the over-the-top (OTT) video format offered by Amazon. More and more people are leaving linear cable TV behind and turning to streaming TV. OTT video ads are full-screen, non-skippable ads that reach viewers via streaming video services. The video format - as well as the integration of advertising on Fire TV - offers the opportunity to reach a wide range of new customers and increase brand awareness.

Improved integration of augmented reality (AR)

From architecture to gastronomy to art: Augmented Reality is used in many ways these days. Online stores don't stop there either, and the potential of AR in e-commerce is being exploited more and more often. Amazon's AR function allows interested parties to view items in their real environment from different perspectives. Not only does augmented reality create an optimal and customized shopping experience, it also builds a bond with the customer. Above all, the feature can be worthwhile for manufacturers of furniture and furnishings. Amazon also offers virtual try-ons for clothing and shoes. The function can be applied to a wide range of products.
The 7 most important trends for sellers and vendors
The 7 most important trends for sellers & vendors
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Increasing focus on the customer experience

Whether it's fast delivery, simple ordering processes, or full transparency in product reviews: Customer satisfaction is a top priority at Amazon. The online retailer therefore tries to make the platform as customer-friendly as possible. This includes, among other things, the communication channel set up by Amazon between buyers and sellers. This enables consumers to ask questions or give feedback. The bond with the customer is maintained in this way and problems can be solved quickly and efficiently.

By introducing new policies and measures, the online giant is trying to create new incentives for sellers and vendors to focus on high-quality products as well as excellent customer service. For example, companies can improve their ranking on the Amazon marketplace if they have a certain number of positive reviews.


With the "Climate Pledge Friendly" certification, companies can draw attention to the fact that their products are produced in a more environmentally friendly way. This is because the issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important at Amazon. Among other things, the online retailer relies on electric cars for the transport of deliveries and on the use of renewable energies. But packaging waste is also to be reduced when shopping: The platform enables manufacturers to use 100 percent recyclable packaging for their products. By dispensing with superfluous packaging material, companies are making a significant contribution to protecting the environment. Sustainability is also a decisive purchasing criterion for the majority of consumers.

Growing influence of Amazon Fresh

In recent years, food delivery services have experienced a real boom. More and more people are having food delivered to their homes. With Amazon Fresh, customers have a huge selection of products for their daily needs. The store is becoming increasingly important and offers companies new opportunities to sell their products. But this is not limited to food: manufacturers of electronic devices, stationery, beauty products and much more can offer their items via Amazon Fresh and thus integrate additional sales channels.

Increased competition from third-party vendors

The Amazon marketplace has seen a significant increase in third-party sellers and merchants for many years. In the process, a large proportion of the products on offer are attributable to them. The competition significantly increases the offer for consumers. For this very reason, companies are forced to adjust their strategies and prices. In advance, they should inform themselves about the market, because depending on the category, the number of third-party providers can vary greatly. To stand out from the competition, specialized agencies can help. Among other things, product photos and videos are crucial in determining whether a product is purchased or not. However, the content of a product detail page can only be managed by the brand owner. This means that all changes must be approved by the owner.

Voice assistants and voice-based shopping

Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple's Siri: voice assistants are revolutionizing the way customers shop and search for information online. The technology also offers retailers some advantages, as simplified shopping processes improve customer satisfaction and make impulse purchases more likely. Sellers should be sure to adapt product information to voice-based search queries in order to reach the desired target audience. For people with visual or motor impairments, for example, voice assistants are an important aid to shopping. For complex or technical products, it is important for sellers and vendors to provide clear and understandable product information.
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The seven most important trends for Amazon Sellers and Vendors include the expansion of the Amazon Advertising portfolio, improved integration of augmented reality (AR), the increasing focus on the customer experience, sustainability, the growing influence of Amazon Fresh, increased competition from third-party sellers, and the importance of voice assistants in shopping. To be successful in the Amazon marketplace, companies should take these trends into account, adapt their strategies, and always stay informed about current developments.

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