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Third advertising format offers further opportunities to increase advertising reach

Last year, the "Product Display Ads" became the "Sponsored Display Ads". This advertising format stands out in particular due to the protection of the company's own product range and targeted placement on competitors' product detail pages. However, this advertising format was previously only available to vendors. This is now changing: Not only sellers can now use this "new" advertising format, but the scope of functions has also changed significantly.


In brief: What are Sponsored Display Ads?

Sponsored Display Ads can be used to advertise targeted products on the product detail page. Whether to protect one's own product range, so that customers are not distracted as far as possible by other offers from the competition, or - and this is the highlight - to simultaneously place one's own products with substituting offers. In short: self-protection and attack via an advertising format.

With Sponsored Display Ads, only one product can be advertised and is played on the product detail page. 


What are the changes?

With the launch of the ad format for Marketplace merchants, Amazon has also made a few changes to the feature set. Instead of the previous three targeting options (product-, category-, and interest-based), only the product- & category-specific campaign targeting is currently available. The storage of an individual slogan has also been abolished. The appearance of the Sponsored Display Ads now looks more and more like the standard DSP banners. 


It is still unclear when and to what extent the retargeting option for Sponsored Display Ads will be rolled out.



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