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Not a "new-fangled trend from America" - Halloween is more popular than Mardi Gras and Carnival

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A recent Amazon study by ICONIC SALES (www.iconic-sales.com), the leading full-service agency for Amazon marketing in Germany, shows that Halloween has become a new favorite holiday for the masses in Germany in recent years.

Not a "new-fangled trend from America" - Halloween is more popular than Mardi Gras and Carnival

Our latest Amazon study shows that Halloween has become a new favorite festival for the masses in Germany in recent years. The event, which originated in the USA, has now overtaken even established traditional events such as Fasching and Karneval. This can be seen when comparing relevant search terms and sales achieved on Amazon.

Development from 2019 to date

For the study, we analyzed sales and search volume data for Halloween and the traditional German customs of Carnival and Fasching in the period from January 19, 2019 to October 21, 2023. The data points show: Halloween has exceeded the search volume of Fasching and Karneval for over two years, with an upward trend. Only at the height of the "fifth season", i.e. in February around Shrove Monday, do the search terms for carnival and Mardi Gras manage to hold their own against the new competition.

However, this only plays a minor role in the overall analysis. To illustrate: In the period under review, the peak value for terms related to carnival was 59,194 hits around February 22, 2020. Carnival also peaked in the same period. Here, the peak value was 49,157 mentions. However, the total of 108,315 mentions of the two terms quickly pales in contrast to the figures that Halloween delivers every year. Here, too, the highest figures are around the date of the actual festival, which takes place on October 31 each year. The absolute peak was reached around November 6, 2021: There were a total of 752,118 relevant search terms at this time. The combined high of Mardi Gras and Carnival was therefore exceeded more than sevenfold.

The overall development of Halloween offers is also remarkable. While the high in 2019 was 264,482 terms, 561,944 mentions were found in the following year. After the temporary peak in 2021, interest flattened out again somewhat towards the 2020 level: The maximum of 534,898 relevant terms was reached around November 5, 2022.

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The following chart provides an overview of the data:

Tradition with higher sales volume - Halloween retailers with an average threefold increase in sales

Despite this considerable gap, traditional costume traditions still have their raison d'être. They even manage to generate more sales overall than Halloween, which is still a novelty for many Germans. Looking at the last 30 days (as of November 2, 2023), carnival and fancy dress articles achieved a higher sales volume than Halloween products, both in relative and absolute terms - even though Halloween has only just taken place.

Sales of Halloween items amounted to 347,632 euros. Carnival comes in at 546,211 euros and Mardi Gras at 463,118 euros. In total, Halloween is therefore faced with sales of 1,009,329 euros, almost three times the volume. Nevertheless, developments suggest that Halloween will soon be the frontrunner in this area too. This is because the average turnover per Halloween retailer is 24,831 euros - in comparison: carnival products generate 6,581 euros in turnover per retailer, carnival products only 6,258.

Stefan Gutheil, Managing Director of ICONIC SALES, comments on the results: "Our survey shows that Halloween is gaining in importance in Germany and is now even surpassing traditional celebrations such as carnival - at least in e-commerce. This is reflected in the increasing search queries and growing sales. It is exciting to see how preferences are developing in this country and how Amazon sellers are reacting to this - and it shows that retailers with professional content and the right marketing strategy can even outstrip German customs."

About the investigation

The search volumes for the 40 best-selling products for the following terms were analyzed: Halloween, carnival, carnival, Halloween costume, carnival costume, carnival costume, Halloween costume men, carnival costume men, carnival costume men, Halloween costume women, carnival costume women, carnival costume women. The period considered was January 19, 2019 - October 21, 2023.
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