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What does Amazon Prime cost


Amazon Prime through Sellers is the other way to get the Prime badge besides Amazon FBA. We regularly receive enquiries about the requirements for the programme, how much Prime through sellers costs, what the volume scales look like and how the parcel prices can be reduced depending on the volume. DPD is currently Amazon's preferred partner in this area. According to the latest information, however, this will also change.

On the one hand, DHL with Prime by sellers should also be possible in the future, and Amazon is working on variants with its own logistics fleet.

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Below you will find a brief summary of the information from Seller Central, based on DPD's standard tariffs for Prime through sellers. However, there is room for manoeuvre here due to higher volumes or individual conditions, so that the tariff becomes more favourable.
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Prime domestic shipping with daily pickup

DPD collection: national Prime rates

valid from 01.06.2021
Below you will find the DPD collection rates for 1-day premium shipping, which apply to all domestic shipments in Germany.
  • Deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday.

  • Deliveries to islands are excluded.

  • Collections are carried out from Monday to Friday.
  • All packages are traceable

  • All packages are insured for 520 EUR Euro. Higher insurance coverage up to a value of EUR 13,000.00 is available on request and for a surcharge.

  • Collections are carried out from Monday to Friday.
  • Volume Discounts:

    • 2.5 % from 100 packages/month

    • 5.0 % from 250 packages/month

    • 7.5 % from 500 packages/month

    • 10.0 % as of 1,000 packages/month

    • 12.5 % as of 2,500 packages/month

Price overview of different package sizes
We ourselves can inform you about all processes related to Prime by sellers and, in a second step, naturally support you so that you create the best end customer experience on your Amazon product detail pages.

If you have any questions about the process, the procedure or even the registration, we will be happy to help! Simply contact us at info@iconic-sales.com
Are you looking for a fulfilment partner who can offer the Prime through Seller programme? Here, too, we have reliable service providers on hand who can take over the complete processing from storage to shipping for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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What sales effect does Prime bring through sellers?

It basically depends - is the right answer. You can't say across the board that the Prime Badge generates X% more sales. The effects depend on factors such as competition, price level, ASIN performance, visibility and category.

We have cases where the Prime Badge has caused an uplift of 20%, but we also have cases where the Prime Badge has not caused a noticeable and significant effect.

However, we would be happy to help you assess what effect Prime by Seller could have for you. Please contact us without obligation at info@iconic-sales.com.

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