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We recently received information from Amazon that as of September 6, and thus with a significant delay to the change in the US in July, the guidelines for title information will change.

What was said specifically?

As of September 6, 2019, an ASIN for non-media products may be hidden in search if they are a violation of the following criteria:

If an ASIN is not displayed in the search for one of these reasons, you will be informed about it in Seller Central on the "Manage stock" page under the "Hidden" tab. The exact reason for hiding the ASIN is also given there. You can correct the product title by clicking the "Edit" button. Once the title is corrected, we will unhide it in the search and the ASIN will be displayed again when searching on Amazon.

What are the consequences of the innovation?

As described above, the corresponding ASIN is no longer considered by the A9 Amazon algorithm and is no longer indexed. I.e. your product will no longer be findable and invisible for the potential customer. Only when you have made all changes according to the new specifications, the ASIN will be indexed again and included by Amazon.

How should you prepare for the change?

In any case, you should prepare for the changes and be ready for the worst case. In any case, you should check whether your products are currently affected by the points listed above? Do the points apply to your titles? If the points apply, you should create or adapt upload templates for your products so that you can upload the mase change relatively quickly so that no sales are lost.

We expect that there will be no hard cut as in the USA, but the ASIN's will continue to be played out and indexed, but the points will be noted in the backend and so there is time to fix the errors.

We will be happy to help you and prepare everything or help with questions about the correct revision. Contact us without obligation at kontakt@iconic-sales.com.


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