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As announced, we will be launching a series of articles in the coming weeks focusing on the various PPC advertising formats. You can look forward to exciting tutorials.

The Sponsored Product Ads are the start today.

What are Sponsored Product Ads?

Sponsored Product Ads (short: SPA or German Gesponserte Produktanzeigen) are premium product placement in the right-hand column, at the top or bottom of the search results page and in the product detail page (desktop and mobile). The The most relevant ads are displayed on the first search results page.

The SPAs are currently the most important advertising format and often account for 80% of advertising sales. account for. They are keyword-based and are also displayed via category and ASIN alignment. and advertise only one product at a time. The linking takes place accordingly directly to the product detail page of the advertised product. The allocation of the placements are primarily made via a secondary price auction. Since due to the large number of keywords, advertised ASINs and placements, an enormous quickly opens up an enormous variety, Amazon makes use of certain automatic-dynamic elements, which should facilitate a meaningful playout for the advertiser. for the advertiser. More on this later.

Attribution and availability
In principle, Sponsored Product Ads are available to all professional Amazon sellers and vendors. sellers and vendors. It does not matter whether the advertised products belong to their own brand or not.

Sponsored Products Ads are only played out if the respective product is selected in the shopping cart field is offered by the advertiser. Since the ads are directly linked to the product and the advertiser, the playout is stopped immediately if the product is not available in the cart field of the advertiser's shopping cart field, will be stopped immediately. For vendors, according to Amazon must hold the shopping cart field for the playouts.

Why are some ads displayed as "not authorized"?

Amazon sets out conditions to be met in its Retail Readiness Guide, which are decisive for the display of advertisements.

Note the following checklist for optimal playout:  

The attribution of sales on clicks on the respective advertisements is made from any sales from the advertiser's inventory within an attribution window. an attribution window. The generated sales behind the respective advertisements often do not correspond to the sales of the advertised product. product. This is where the attribution window of the measured sales differs for sellers with 7 days and for vendors with 14 days. Tendentially tend to achieve better performance with their advertising campaigns due to the longer longer attribution window, vendors seem to achieve slightly better performance values.

Alignment options
In principle, the following different types of targeting are possible for alignment types are possible:

Automatic Alignment:
Only the advertised products are selected, Amazon decides based on the category, the keywords in the listing and the buying behavior of the customers, to which keywords or also for which ASINs the product is played out as an ad.

Here we can use the following adjustment levers via individual bids:

- Near match: The ad is played out to customers who enter search terms that are close to the advertised products. If your product is called "top roast toaster 600 watt kitchen toaster," an ad will be served an ad will be served when shoppers enter search terms such as "top roast toaster" and "600 watt toaster".

- Weak match: The ad is served to customers whose search terms search terms reasonably match the advertised products. If the the advertised product is Top Roast Toaster, an ad will be served if the customer enters search terms when the customer enters search terms such as "toaster" and "1000W toaster". are entered.

- Replacement: The ads are displayed to customers who view detail pages of products that are similar to yours. If the advertised product is "Top Roast Toaster 600 Watt Kitchen Toaster", an ad will be played on detail pages of similar of similar devices.

- Addendum: An ad will be played to customers who view detail pages of products of products that show products that complement your products. complement. If your product is called "Top Roast Toaster 600 Watt Kitchen Toaster", an ad will be an ad is likely to be played on various smaller kitchen appliances and toasts.

Manual Alignment:

The manual campaign alignment allows individual control and alignment of your of your campaigns. You can use the different keyword match types. "Exact", "Phrase", and "Broad" to determine exactly which customer search queries of customers your ads will appear.

In addition, by adding negative keywords, ads can be prevented from being played out for corresponding search queries. This avoids unnecessary advertising costs.

Product Attribute Targeting PAT (ASIN or category targeting):

Product targeting can be used to serve ads to category searches, other brands, or products that are similar to yours. Use Amazon's suggested products or categories or your own ASIN list. 

Top Positions with Amazon Bid Modifier

With Amazon Bid Modifier you can achieve a more probable top placement on the first more likely top placement on the first search results page. The Bid Modifier enables a push of up to up to 900% of the actual bid. However, the boost only takes effect if the ad is ad is eligible for playout. So if the standard bid is 1.00 EUR, this can be increased by a 500% boost up to 5.00 EUR. be raised. But be careful! Always keep an eye on your expenses and pro rata advertising costs. in the eye.

Expert tip: Use the Amazon Help function for questions and uncertainties. Amazon provides here an extensive catalog of FAQs and topics worth knowing. Seller find the function in the navigation bar in the upper right corner (in the Seller Account marked by "Help", in the Advertising Console it can be reached via the question mark icon).

You want to get an overview of Amazon PPC and build up first basic knowledge? Then our blog post "Amazon PPC - Getting started in the Amazon Advertising world" is your optimal guide!


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