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Update: prime through seller now also possible with dhl!

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Update: Prime by seller

now also possible with DHL!

Some of our customers have already received emails with red-hot news from Amazon earlier this week:

In addition to DPD, Hermes and now DHL can be selected by sellers for the Prime shipping method. Amazon is also working on a solution with its own logistics fleet for the future.

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Below you will find a brief summary of the most important information from Seller Central relating to the service requirements of DHL Paket and Hermes. You can find the framework conditions for DPD here.

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dhl service overview

To use Prime by Seller with DHL, DHL requires the following conditions to be met:

Hermes service overview

Hermes offers daily pickup only to sales partners who ship at least 1,500 Prime packages per month . Further conditions are:

If you send at least 2,500 Hermes Prime parcels in one month, you will receive a volume discount for all your Hermes Prime labels purchased via Buy shipping fee in the following month. Your eligibility for a discount in the following month will be reviewed monthly. In the first month of participation in the Prime program by sellers, sellers will be charged the discounted rate.

Source: Sellercentral Amazon

Before you become eligible for Prime by Seller, you must first prove it during a trial period. Get more info here.

However, we will be happy to help you assess which Prime shipping method is right for you. Please contact us at info@iconic-sales.com without obligation.

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