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Placing products on Amazon - that's no great difficulty. It is much more difficult to ensure that these products are actually found by potential customers on the platform. Many impressions, high conversions.

So at best, your own content must be displayed to exactly the right target group. But how does this work best? How do products get more impressions and a higher click-through rate - simply more visibility? With complex Amazon Ads campaigns, you can reach more qualified leads and customers with a high probability of purchase. As an Amazon PPC agency, we combine technological progress with expertise and create professional Amazon pay-per-click campaigns for you.

For Amazon Ads that really pay off

You have already run various campaigns on Amazon on your own or via auto-targeting - but the success failed to materialize? Despite PPC the CTR of your products did not increase? Amazon pay-per-click advertising can bring your products to the fore - but only if the ads campaigns are structured sensibly. So that you don't give away any budget with PPC, we are your professional partner as an Amazon PPC agency.

Amazon PPC Agency - strong tailwind for existing products & launches


Have you been listing your products on Amazon for some time and now want resounding success?would you like to give your listing an effective boost in visibility and thus more impressions and a higher conversion rate? Then PPC on the online marketplace is a promising option.

Are you currently in the starting blocks to launch your online business? Instead of a slow ramp-up of sales, do you want to use all sales channels right away to give your products visibility on Amazon? With PPC, that's exactly what you can do.

No matter where you are with your brand Whether shortly before the launch or in the middle of the growth phase: As an Amazon PPC agency, ICONIC SALES takes over your advertising campaigns on Amazon. We make sure that your products are played out to exactly the right target group at any given moment. Our team of over 45 Amazon experts can handle the relevant data and figures - and use them effectively for your success. Instead of outdated or automatic campaign structures, we use the latest technology to increase your sales in the long term. No coincidences, but controlled, strategic campaign development.


Amazon PPC: Pay-per-click & potential sources of error

In our agency, Amazon PPC is part of our daily business - we implement various campaigns for our clients around the clock. Through our many years of experience, we know that there are many sources of error waiting in Amazon pay-per-click advertising management. Basically, Amazon Advertising is a reliable business - if it is operated correctly. However, there are a few sources of error:

  • Lack of objectives: Of course, you can start a campaign just like that - but with a concrete objective, PPC can only really be used effectively. For example, the procedure may be different if you want to place products on the marketplace in the first place for a launch. Or, on the other hand, if you simply want to increase your sales in general.

  • PPC costs: Pay-per-click is a bidding process - the highest bidder is also played out most frequently. Accordingly, the effectiveness of your campaigns is also related to the competition. How difficult is it to compete against competitors' bids?

  • Missing or incorrect keywords: Keywords also play an important role in PPC. Only through intensive research and effective targeting will your ads really be played out to the target group with a high probability of purchase.

  • No further development: Start a campaign - and that's it? It's smarter to regularly monitor campaigns after they've started and analyze data and keywords. If a campaign is permanently updated and adapted to developments, nothing stands in the way of success.

  • Wrong bid strategy: The ACos should always be in proportion to the bids. Nevertheless, both factors must also be considered in detail.

Amazon Pay-per-Click Management Services - professional, innovative, sustainable

Many sellers on Amazon use PPC in the form of automated campaigns managed by the platform itself. This means less of your own work - but also no reliable success. At ICONIC as an Amazon PPC agency, we create successful campaigns for you on an ongoing basis and leave nothing to chance - instead, we use your budget wisely and for sustainable business success. We focus on your campaign goal and design an effective strategy with this in mind. Based on intensive keyword research, we filter out the keywords for your products that are meaningful and appropriate. In doing so, we find an optimal balance in terms of keyword potential and keyword difficulty with regard to the available budget.

An important factor: With manual targeting, we accompany your campaigns permanently on request and constantly develop them further. Why? Because keywords can change, as can the search behavior of potential customers. Through our regular analyses, we optimize every PPC campaign so that it really works and pays off in the long term.

Amazon PPC Agency

Holistic Amazon Marketing for your business - ICONIC SALES

Amazon PPC is considered an additional marketing channel that can give your products extra visibility and your business more sales. A common problem - not only with PPC, but with all channels - is the half-hearted measures and strategies. After all, precisely because pay-per-click on Amazon is just one part of the big picture, it can only work if everything else is right, too. No matter how high your PPC bids are - if the product detail page is not convincing, the likelihood of a purchase will still decrease. Because then you do not convince potential customers, but they migrate to other providers.

At ICONIC SALES Amazon PPC agency, we take the big picture into consideration and offer you an effective complete package. Before our agency team launches PPC campaigns, we optimize your brand store and each PDP with valuable content that appeals to users and offers real added value. Product images and videos convince as A+ content and form the perfect basis for the following PPC campaigns. This is how you use your PPC costs wisely.

PPC Amazon Agency - Combine SEO & PPC for Optimal Visibility

Do you want great brand awareness all around on Amazon? High click-through rates, strong conversions? Then comprehensive marketing is the best solution - don't just rely on PPC or SEO, but on the perfect mix.

Sometimes Amazon SEO is used as Product marketing not enough to achieve good rankings in the organic search results. Especially at the beginning of the listing of your products, it is difficult to prevail against strong competition in the SERPs - especially if the competitors are also doing SEO. This is exactly where a strategic PPC campaign can boost SEO impact, because: When your products are displayed as an ad above the organic search results, attention grows. More customers become aware of your products, the click rate increases and so do the conversions. As a result, the A9 algorithm of the Amazon search engine classifies the purchase probability for your product as higher - and this in turn has a lasting positive effect on your organic rankings. In this way, PPC can actively support your SEO work.

Your Amazon pay-per-click agency - display advertising for more reach

Do you want to achieve higher brand awareness? Amazon is your sales platform, but you also want to attract attention through ads? Then display advertising is a useful addition to Amazon PPC for you. DSP - that stands for Demand Site Platform: Ads can be placed inside and outside of Amazon, for example on external websites or in apps. This has several advantages for you:

  • With DSP, we extend your reach beyond Amazon, while with PPC, only users are targeted directly on the Amazon platform.

  • DSP allows us to use target group-oriented targeting for you: The DSP ads are played out to the users with regard to essential aspects, such as purchasing behavior and interests. In this way, we design targeted ads that are displayed to a group with a high probability of purchase.

  • As an addition to PPC, display advertising serves the entire customer journey, which increases the likelihood of purchase.

At ICONIC SALES Amazon PPC Agency, our certified advertising experts will advise you on each type of campaign. We combine state-of-the-art technologies and deliver strong performance results. Since display advertising allows you to reach an even wider range of potential customers, it's a smart addition to expand PPC. Instead of using the managed service via Amazon, we do the campaign design for you because our Amazon PPC agency has personal self-service access. This allows us to start at a different level in the sales funnel and deliver brilliant revenue growth for your business.

Many questions - we know the answers & implement them - your Amazon PPC agency ICONIC SALES

Which keywords are relevant for my niche? Is it worth it to bid low on PPC with high keyword difficulty? What's the deal with phrase match? How do I make the best use of my advertising budget? We not only answer your questions, but follow up with action. The Amazon PPC Agency Team will design the optimal marketing strategy for you for long-term higher sales and your company's success. During the cooperation, you will receive a team that is optimally assembled to meet your requirements and on which you can rely. Expertise, innovation and speed are a matter of course for us. Our experts take responsibility and develop value-added solutions for your business that contribute to sustainable business growth. As an Amazon PPC agency for Cologne, Frankfurt and Co. we work digitally and look after you and your company everywhere in the DACH region.

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