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Amazon SEO Agency

We make Amazon YOUR marketplace - Amazon SEO Agency ICONIC SALES

Do you want to promote your brand and your products on Amazon? Do you want more traffic, more sales - instead of empty order books? We as Amazon SEO agency take your success in hand and use all possibilities to place your products optimally on the marketplace. Within the last years Amazon has developed into a huge marketplace. Many small retailers without their own online store use the platform to reach potential customers at low cost. Large companies also place their products on the marketplace and are an incredibly strong competitor, especially for unknown brands.

Leave your competition behind and reach the top of the search results with Amazon SEO. The marketplace is big - we help you make your brand stand out. Our team consists of Amazon SEO experts who target their success as Amazon Sellers.

Why do Amazon SEO?

Do you believe in coincidence? No matter how you answer now - we as Amazon SEO Agency know: There are definitely no coincidences in the online marketplace. Because whether a product is displayed in the search results to a customer, that is based on a deep calculation. Like other search engines, Amazon has developed its own algorithm for the marketplace.

May we introduce? A9. This algorithm ensures that users are always shown the best search results in the ideal order.

The goal? Absolute customer satisfaction. Users on Amazon should find exactly the product that suits them and their search needs. No long scrolling from product page to product page - at best, they opt for the product that is at the top of the SERPs.

The challenge? Rank 1 - Getting exactly there, standing above the competition. This is critical to your success as a seller on Amazon, because if you appear far down in the search results, you are, in a sense, invisible to users. Have you ever scrolled down to page 2 or 3 yourself?

The solution? Innovative Amazon SEO with us as your agency. Professional, up-to-date, holistic. We work every day on the marketplace and place your brand and your products with different measures exactly so that you are played out by the algorithm at the top of the search results.

Are you skeptical when it comes to working with Amazon SEO agencies? We at ICONIC are a certified and multiple award-winning agency - put your trust in us and benefit from more visibility.

Amazon SEO: Our agency knows the ranking factors


There are many aspects that influence the A9 algorithm on Amazon. To successfully place products and achieve good rankings, you must always keep in mind the goal of the algorithm: A9 wants to provide users with a list of products that match the search query as quickly as possible. To increase the likelihood of purchase, the listing is sorted by relevance, because: Every user should of course receive a satisfactory result as quickly as possible and make a purchase. What now still sounds relatively simple, is in essence composed of two factors in particular, which we as an agency always consider in Amazon SEO optimization:

  • Performance factors: CTR and conversion rate play a major role here, but sales adjusted for returns are also included.
  • Relevance factors: Is the product relevant to the user? Do search queries and offer match?

Of course, it takes a lot of effort to work your way into the Amazon material in addition to your daily to-dos. Instead of relying on half-hearted keyword research, put your Amazon presence in our hands. As an Amazon SEO agency for Hamburg, Frankfurt and Co. we raise your brand on Amazon to a new level and increase your visibility with effective SEO.


SEO & Amazon: We optimize the relevance factors so that your products rank

While the performance factors refer to technical aspects, these factors are about the relevance and quality of the product or its presentation on the marketplace. This means that we as your Amazon SEO agency can significantly influence the relevance of your products, through:

  • Appropriate keywords in the product title, bullet points and product description

  • concise bullet points

  • Product descriptions and information that offer added value to the potential customer

  • SEO optimized A+ content

  • optimal product images or videos

Your product listing is a fundamental marketing building block that directly influences conversions. As an Amazon SEO agency, we want your brand and your products stand out from the crowd and stand out from the competition. With essential keywords, optimization regarding style guides, meaningful product images and more, we give your products additional visibility.

Performance factors determine the probability of purchase with ...

... that's why as an Amazon SEO agency we never lose sight of them. The click-through rates and the conversion rates are crucial factors for your listing and the ranking position from the point of view of the A9 algorithm.

Amazon places a lot of value on satisfied customers and wants to offer the best possible shopping experience. How well your products appeal to the user and whether they match the search intention is reflected, among other things, in the click-through rate and the conversion rate. The keywords used, for example, must match the search intention - otherwise users will click on their product page, but will be back at the list of search results within a few seconds.

What performance do your products show on Amazon? These are some of the factors behind performance:

  • Product price & shipping costs - both influence the purchase probability

  • Reviews & returns rate - customer satisfaction is crucial for Amazon

  • Click-through rate/CTR - if your products have a high CTR, the Amazon algorithm is more likely to rank them as relevant for users as well

  • Dwell time - not only CTR counts; relevant information on product page increases dwell time

  • Conversion rate - the higher the conversion rate of your products, the more relevant they are ranked by the algorithm and the ranking increases

Based on these and some other factors, Amazon determines a product ranking and ranks your products accordingly in the SERPs. As an Amazon SEO agency, we can influence all these factors - and thus also improve your ranking.

Amazon PPC Agency

Top Amazon SEO ranking with our agency - your new sales channel

Don't just rely on Amazon Ads! There are various marketing measures to place your own products on Amazon. One popular option is Amazon Ads, PPC. This method gives you an absolute plus in visibility on the marketplace. But - is this already enough for you? As an Amazon SEO agency, we know that long-term success can only occur if you are also at the top of the organic search results. That's why we don't rely exclusively on Amazon PPC, but on a strong combination of the different marketing channels.

Amazon SEO is a smart addition to PPC & Co.

Of course, ads are a promising way to increase the traffic of your products on Amazon. But: With every clicked ad your budget also shrinks and you have to pay. However, if we influence the SEO ranking of your products on Amazon, you will not only benefit in short-lived campaigns, but in the long run. Because with optimized product titles, descriptions and photos, your products can permanently get a firm standing in the SERPs by the algorithm. Instead of acting only once, our Amazon SEO agency will take care of you permanently - we keep an eye on your performance and can make important changes if necessary. And you can concentrate on your job as a seller!

This is what you miss - without us as Amazon SEO agency

Of course, you could continue to rely on your existing marketing measures. But let's be honest: Why fish in the mud when more visibility can be quite simple with our expertise? With our Amazon SEO agency at your side, you can sustainably ...

  • ... increase the visibility of your products. With Amazon SEO we optimize your listings so that brand and products become more visible and the competition is overshadowed. More visibility also means a higher purchase probability.

  • ... improve your conversion rate. Because thanks to better product placement and increased visibility, potential customers will find you and your products better.

  • ... leave the competition behind. Many people underestimate SEO on Amazon. Take advantage of this and conquer the top of the SERPs before your competitors take notice. With our agency and Amazon SEO strategy, you will stand out from other merchants.

  • ... reach your target group. By strategically optimizing product pages and the like, we ensure that your products are actually played out to your target group. As an Amazon SEO agency, we focus on effective marketing instead of half-hearted measures.

  • ... and have more success in the long term. Instead of short-term campaigns, we as an agency offer you an Amazon SEO strategy with foresight. The continuous SEO work ensures that your brand becomes permanently better known.

Sounds good, doesn't it? If you are an Amazon seller don't want to do without that, you can contact the ICONIC SALES Amazon Agency for Cologne, Munich and Co. a non-binding inquiry. It doesn't matter where your company is located, because we work digitally. We show you what potential is actually waiting for you with targeted measures on Amazon. Our team of experienced Amazon SEO experts sets your success as a goal and uses a holistic marketing strategy for a significant increase in visibility.

Sounds good?

We will advise you without obligation, get to know us!

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